Infertility is the main concern whether it’s men or women. Everyone wants to have the baby and complete their family. Men are more affected by infertile compared to women. It is seen that when fertility awareness test proves that it is a man who is not able to materialize pregnancy, it hurts the male’s pride. Some couples who don’t want to get an infertile test done, give excuses.

Men always want women to get their fertility check as they don’t think there is something wrong with them. It is important for both the partners to get their fertility check. It is a well- a known test called semen analysis use for checking fertility of men. Fertility of men depends upon the sperm count. These fertility problems can be treated with the help professionals. Causes of male infertility are sperm productive problems, blockage of sperm transport, hormonal problems and sperm antibiotics.

Male infertility treatment in India have many solutions but still, if the problem is not solved then sperm donor and adoption is also a great option for the couple to complete their family. It is important to love and understand each other rather than blaming for the situation.

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