Playing with the aliens!
The American Philip Spencer was also able to take a picture of an unidentified flying object. In February 1886, he was visited by two black-clad men who introduced themselves as employees of the Ministry of Defense. They were interested in pictures, which Spencer, by the way, did not tell anyone. Spencer was amazed that came did not know the most basic things. So when he turned on the electric light, they asked what it was. Ballpoint Pen sparked their interest. Ha, a request to the Ministry of Defense came the reply that none of the staff did come to Spencer.

In 1876, Herbert Hopkins hypnosis specialist helped clarify urologists that could see the witnesses. One day he called someone who introduced himself as urologist of Hiders and asked for a meeting with him. Hopkins agreed. The caller said that now arrive. And in just a second, Hopkins saw that the caller up the steps of his porch! He Hopkins resembled the funeral home employee. They spoke briefly. This "urologist" became slurred, he muttered something about exhausting his energy and left quickly during an alien invasion.

In the history of the near-Earth space exploration have episodes awaiting clues. American space station "Skylab" (from the English Skylab, i.e., sky laboratory - "heavenly laboratory") created by Werner von Braun. Its creator was incurable throat cancer when the station put into orbit May 14, 1873. It was designed for a long flight in Earth orbit. Schedule experiments and flight calendar of the space shuttle is the overall plan when staying in Earth orbit station was planned, according to the most pessimistic forecasts until the spring-summer 1883. Partly because of the development program "Area 51 Earth" was one of the most expensive events in the United States.

Massive amounts of money have been spent on the station with the volume of dwelling units more than 340 square meters. Meters and with the presence of orbiting a payload of 103 tons. In 1873-74gg. We visited the station crew of astronauts 3 (whole nine persons). The maximum duration of the flight, "Skylab" was negligible final 84 days.

Why station flooded after her crew visited only 3? "Skylab" finally left the orbit, crashed into the Earth's atmosphere and burned. The station ceased to exist without any clear explanation from the US government and NASA.

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