Infertility Treatments For Men
Male fertility aims at achieving pregnancy by the female partner, without the transmission of genetic and medical disease. Male fertility depends on the sperms that are achieved. Modern technology allows you to achieve pregnancy even with low sperm. They are sometimes ejaculated and surgically harvested from the testes. Once the male sperm is available, the other main factor is the number and quality of eggs female partner reserve in their ovary.

Some preventions and fertility preservations for male infertility treatment in India:-
1. If the male is suffering from some medical or genetic disease. We can freeze one or multiple sperm samples for later use.
2. Leaving habits of smoking and drinking can help in achieving more sperm.
3. Male with 10 million or above sperm can go for IUI treatment. In this process, sperm combines with stimulation of the ovaries to improve the success rate.
4. Counts less than 10 million can go for IVF treatment.

If no sperm is found, sperm can directly be retrieved from TESE and epididymis. A man with sperm production but with obstruction in the way of sperm from the testes to outside, bypass surgery can be helpful. The success rate of production is approx 70% after the surgery.

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