When as a Female You’re Not in The Mood

Sometimes your man may be in the mood but your not.  Sex is just a part of life, but there are times as females that you may not be in the mood.  So what do you do in that case?  Are there quick cures that will soon have you ready for action in the bedroom?  Or will you need to put that guy off and claim you have a headache?

Many ways can be found to help you find that sexual feeling for the night or next day even.  But the way for one person, may not be something that will always work for all ladies out there.  You may need to find a certain technique and use that from time to time when you find yourself not really looking forward to that time between the sheets.

First off you need to get rid of the stress that you may be feeling, because it could be what is holding you back from feeling frisky. Relaxing can be done in many ways, reading a romantic book is one great suggestion. Because well romance may make you feel that spark you have been missing.  Or maybe you have a favorite movie that always makes you feel warm inside.  Don’t be afraid to explore even those more straight forward options of movies that are out there, you know porn can be something that may work to get you excited, so try it if you need too.

You should never feel like you are perverted for looking at porn and feeling excited.  It’s part of life and well aren’t you trying to get in the mood?  Use those films that have been created to bring out the animal in you to your benefit.

Perhaps you have a secret fantasy that makes you not only relaxed but feel ready to have sex?  Fantasies are fine as long as you don’t let them overtake your life.  Sit in a bubble bath and go into your full fantasy mode and let yourself start feeling, better to get in the mood.

Nothing is wrong with self-manipulation or masturbation and it could be your best bet to get into the fantasy of the mood.  But don’t overdo it and get out of the feeling again.  Meaning that you may want to only touch yourself for a little bit, until you feel excited.  Stop and perhaps a little later on do the same thing again, don’t let yourself orgasm though.  Soon enough you’re going to want to bust lose, but holding off will make you all the more ready for sex.

In fact it may lead to one of the best love making sessions you have.  Not only will you now be in the mood, but you’ll really be ready to orgasm.  As long as your guy is doing the right things you will be completely involved.

Really when you’re not in the mood though there may be a simple block of stress that is holding you back.  Look for a good way to let go of the stress, through one of these choices or something else you come up with.  By the time your guy gets to you, you should be very well ready for sex and be able to have a lot of fun.

About The Author
Alex Wise is blog contributor and dating consultant of Loveawake.com. The site uses your responses to pair you with compatible Asian dates across Singapore, Thailand, Philippines, Malaysia and etc, promising a high accuracy rate as long as you know what you want and are honest about it. 
He loves sharing meaningful content that educates and inspires people to bring their dreams into reality

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