Who is the closes of Lara's heart? A Story was written by Jenny Han
Lara's life is not complicated by the emotional rollercoaster of these thoughts alone. She has to handle various relationships with different members of her family. Her siblings are as unique as she is. Her two sisters have a contrasting personality as compared to hers. While she is jovial, kind-hearted and vivacious, her sisters are not so. Lara's mother's presence can be felt in a passive form as she passed away years ago but her words of wisdom still ring in Lara's ears. Download Always and Forever Lara Jean PDF eBook online and read the story.

She is the elder sister of Lara. She plays up to her moods whether someone likes it or not. Well, she couldn't care less.

She is the youngest of the lot, Lara being the middle one. So, Kitty is naturally a spoilt brat.

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