What does Erika and Mavis cooked in the Movie Hotel Transylvania 3 ?
On the other hand, at the dining table Erika gets upset when Dracula tells him stories about Erika’s great grandfather ( remember, Dracula doesn’t know about her, only his daughter is aware of this) being hit by Dracula. While Dracula is seen enjoying his own stories, Erika possibly can’t handle more and plans to give him a perfume, only after spraying the same, does Dracula come to know that it’s a garlic perfume. He gets kidnapped by her, in no time.
Meanwhile, Mavis, who was on toes searching for her dad, finally manages to locate him; Erika has tied him up with Garlic all around him. Watch movie online to know what Mavis and Erika are cooking in the movie. The film is going to released on 12 July 2018. Before going to watch the full movie. You can still Watch Hotel Transylvania 3 online trailers that describe more about the movie. 

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