Love the Coopers – a wildly inconsistent romance and drama
The story of Love the Coopers is about a couple Sam Cooper and Charlotte Copper. The story begins when Charlotte Cooper tells of her desire of spending the Christmas with her entire family. Now the family spans four generations and they live all over America and being the kids of the present era most of them do not want to join the family get together. But, none has the ability to say no when they find Charlotte wants to have a get together of the family and reluctantly they all gather for the family reunion at the Coopers residence.

As the children begin to arrive each coming with their own story you find out their son Hank is a single father of a little girl and really is against all these family reunions. Then comes their daughters Emma and Eleanor.  Emma lives a life of a loner and is known for her bad habits as she is recently arrested for shoplifting. Eleanor, on the other hand, is reckless and till date has not been able to find a boyfriend the reason why she and her mother always have a different mind. So this time she decides to take any random guy and bring him in front of her parents as her boyfriend. Now the guy she ends up picking is up is a military guy and to her belief, military men are a bore. But, soon she finds it is not as she thought. Like "Love the Coopers" here is another best romance movie Fifty Shades Freed. Watch Fifty Shades Freed online the best romance movie of 2018.

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