Kvothe’s solitary life in the fantasy tale The Name of the Wind by Patrick Rothfuss
The fateful night

All is fine when one black night descends upon the troupe and carries them all in its shroud. As fate would have it, Kvothe's mother tells him to fetch something from the jungle while the troupe relaxes. A horrified nightmare awaits him as he returns to find every member of his troupe dead. Kvothe vows to find the killer and take revenge.

Kvothe’s solitary life

He moves out from the jungle to the city, sleeping on the footpaths and engaging in begging and pickpocketing. He spends his life all alone and only the tragic memories of the traumatic incident give him company. His life takes a turn when he buys a flute and starts performing. Life looks up and finally, he grows up into a charming wizard who is determined to get into the university to hone his magical talent. Download The Name of the Wind The Kingkiller Chronicle 1 PDF eBook online and read this fantasy best-selling novel right now.

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