James Bond's 2015 action pack movie Spectre Review
James Bond is in Mexico for an unofficial order given by the Previous M, where he has to kill two men who are planning on blowing down a stadium. On doing so the building explodes bringing the building down to the ground.  Bond then tries to capture Marco Sciarra who manages to escape and boards a helicopter. Bond being Bond goes behind and successfully throws both the pilot and Marco out of the helicopter managing to steal the octopus ring from Sciarra.  Watch Movie online and enjoy the action pack  James bond movie.

On coming back to London Bond is taken off his duty as the M has changed and the new M is having issues with C, the heads of the Joint Intelligence Service, which are the combined institute of MI5 and MI6. C also has plans of beginning operation “Nine Eyes” with the nine countries so he can completely close the “00” project. Bond finds out Sciarra is dead and wants to attend his funeral but M declines, to which Bond disagreeing goes to the funeral.

He also meets up with Sciarra’a widow and from her he finds out he worked for a criminal organization and a meeting is going to be held by them tonight.

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