Extraordinary Series Preacher With The Extraordinary Peoples
The story of the TV show takes on a different shade when he is blessed with extraordinary powers after a series of life-altering events. Unexpectedly, he acquires extraordinary powers when he is possessed by a creature called Genesis. This new development enables him to exercise powers over others. He comes to possess the power to get the people to do whatever he desires. This new power brings out a whole new set of possibilities and duties for him. While Genesis imparts a lot of good-willed actions like curing a girl of a coma and settling warring couples into marital harmony, he instigates Jesse to perform some uncouth acts as well. Preacher season 3 is now aired and the fourth episode is going to air soon. But you can still Watch Preacher Season 3 Episode 4 online trailer before it goes to air on July 15, 2018.  

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