Billy Ray's movie Secret in Their Eyes (2015) still popular in 2018 and popularity graph raised day by day.
The storyline of Secret in Their Eyes

After 13 years Ray falls upon evidence that is leading him towards the killer.  Ray contacts Jess and Claire and informs them about the evidence and the three get back together to find the culprit and put the murderer behind bars. But, what lay behind closed doors, no one was ready to see. The movie depicts a teenage rape and gruesome murder of a girl who happens to be the daughter of the investigating detective Jess. Jess and her team embark with questions in their mind like who killed her, what was the motive, was the killer an enemy of Jess, did the killer just use her and kill so she could not identify and is the killer a serial one or just by chance. Jess is not able to let go the fact the killer is roaming the streets a free guy while her daughter is dead. Ray as well has not been able to sleep over the case being unsolved and has been investigating every white man convicted of crime for being the possible killer and when he finally gets a clue Claire rejects but, when Jess comes back on the force Claire has no option but, to tag along. When the case gets reopened Ray affirms the guy has to be found to which Jess says no matter what even if he changes his identity, she is going to pin him down. The movie also gives light to a new question as to just how far would one go for having revenge.

In 2018 Deadpool 2 is ready to deliver to the cinema. But bad things about the movie is that movies still not gaining popularity as compared to other Marvel movies. Even Secret in Their Eyes 2015 movie is popular than Deadpool 2. Watch Deadpool 2 Full movie trailer and videos from YouTube and come to know what director David Leitch bring for us.

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