Authors who won a Nobel Prize for their Literature.
The advent of technology has opened a new chapter of literature, making novels and poetic works accessible through the internet, E-reader, bookstores among others. In addition, you can also ship a book all the way from Europe to the Asian continent. In the current era, literature has become a hobby for thousands since most successful characters like Bill Gates, Mark Cuban, Oprah Winfrey, Warren Buffett, and David Rubenstein popularizing their love for books. Most popular Book to movie adaption film is The jungle book based on novel written by Rudyard Kipling. 

Since 1901, the Nobel Prize has been awarded to several authors, poets, or individuals who stand out with their literature. From this article, we present to you a systematic countdown of the Noble Prize winners beginning with the previous year

2015- Svetlana Alexievich
The Belarusian author and journalist believes that the reality of life has attracted her like a magnet. Her journalism career paved a path to her literature genre that got her a noble prize in 2015. She explained that the entire system of listening and questioning individuals became an interest in writing what she has generated. She believes that reality tortured her and hypnotized her

    • 2014- Patrick Modiano
Jean Patrick Modiano commonly known as Patrick Modiano is a French novelist who managed to secure a noble prize in Literature in the year 2014. He has attained several awards and sold millions of translated copies worldwide, basically in English. His literary works include, “A Trace of Malice (1984)”, “So You Don’t Get Lost in The Neighbouhood (2014)”, and Souvenirs (2017), which isn’t yet translated

    • 2013- Alice Munro
She is basically a Canadian short story writer, considered one of the greatest fiction writers. She is considered to have revolutionized the literature sphere and her stories have been depicted to consist various back and forward storylines. Her stories include; Dear Life, Runaway, Too Much Happiness, Friend of My Youth among others

    • 2012- Mo Yan
He is a Chinese novelist and short story writer mostly known by his Red Sorghum Clan novel. Her novels include; The Republic of Wine (1993), Life and Death Are Wearing Me Out (2006), Frog (2009), and White Dog and the Swing.

    • 2011- Tomas Tranströmer
Tomas Tranströmer is considered one of the vital Scandinavian novelist/writer since the era of the second World War. His literature has been translated into 60 languages and his fans have praised his work. The Swedish poet, translator, and psychologist is behind various projects such as For the Living and The Dead

    • 2010- Mario Vargas Llosa
He holds a lengthy personality that includes journalism, politician, essayist, writer, and professor. The Peruvian writer won his noble prize award for his trenchant images of the individual’s defeat, revolt, and resistance. His novels include The Time of the Hero, The Green House, and The Storyteller. The list of the noble prize winner is followed by;

    • Herta Müller (2009)
    • Jean-Marie Gustave Le Clézio (2008)
    • Doris Lessing (2007)
    • Orhan Pamuk (2006)
    • Harold Pinter (2005)
    • Elfriede Jelinek (2004)
    • John M. Coetzee (2003)
    • Imre Kertész (2002)
    • Sir Vidiadhar Surajprasad Naipaul (2001)

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