Writing a Cover Letter Can Be Incredibly Easy with These Simple Tips
Smart tips to Help You Format and Write A Cover Letter

Besides your resume, the cover letter is, arguably the most important document required when applying for a job. This is a document that provides the hiring manager with detailed information on an applicant, outlining why the candidate is the suited for the vacant position. This is where you explain your interest in the job, and how your skills and experiences make you qualified. Given its importance, its only sensible for candidates to dedicate their time and effort towards writing an outstanding cover letter. Here are some tips to help you out.

Consider These Important Steps First 

An effective cover letter is one in which the candidate gives the hiring manager something to think about. While you should avoid narrating your entire life story, the employer expects some information on who you are as an individual and professional. Follow these steps:
  • Conduct some preliminary research on the company and its culture;
  • Read the job posting and review the indicated qualifications;
  • Make sure that your skills and experiences related to the job description;
  • Go for depth instead of breadth.
Remember that the cover letter is not a restatement of the points covered in your resume. Instead, use it to show how interesting a candidate you are. The recruiter has hundreds of other applications to consider, so make your unique and catchy.

Avoid Jargons and Complex Phrases

Simplicity is the buzzword when writing a good motivation letter. This is a job application and not a competition to show your linguistic prowess. Your readers should be able to understand precisely what you are trying to communicate without having to consult a dictionary. As such, avoid writing complex words just to impress. Instead, go for clarity and conciseness.

Make a Cover Later for Each Job Application

There is nothing quite as annoying to hiring managers as generic cover letters. It sends the message the applicant does not care enough. Take your time to go through the requirements and write a unique paper suited for the specific opening.

Use the Proper Length, Margins, and Fonts

The cover letter is a professional document and should be written so. While there is no consensus on the precise length, make sure it is as concise as possible —one page should suffice. Double spacing and 12-point Times New Roman fonts should allow for easy reading.

Make Sure to Carefully Edit and Proofread

You don’t want the hiring manager questioning your competence or seriousness. Find time to carefully read through the text, identifying typos and grammar mistakes, and ensuring that the paper flows seamlessly. If possible, get someone else to proofread the letter your behalf.
A cover letter is one of the most important documents in the job application process. When writing it, go for clarity, professionalism, and conciseness. Only include information that uniquely positions you for the current job. Most importantly, make it an interesting read.

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