Know everything about Aptitude Test
Today the times have changed and so have changed the recruitment process. To recruit the people in a company just an interview is not enough and you also have to take some tests. There are different types of tests those are required to take in addition to the interview. These tests will help you to assess the special skills and ability of a candidate. You will understand how capable and skilful the candidate is.

Aptitude Test

There are many tests that can help the recruiters to test the candidate’s skills, ability and behaviour as well. Aptitude is one of the best tests that can help you to understand the aptitude, cognitive ability and behaviour pattern of that of the candidate. The aptitude test is a result oriented test and you can depend on the test indeed. This is the best tool to see how capable a candidate is. This will tell you how suitable a candidate is for that particular job role.

Aptitude Test

The method

This test is accepted by many of the developed countries as this is the standard tool to assess the capabilities of a candidate. This is also for the group recruitment as one can do the comparative study of the results of all the candidates in one group of people. This test is unbiased way of assessing a person. There will not be personal favour to any one and all candidates will be treated equally. All will be asked the same questions and the judgement will be unbiased.

How the test is taken

Previously this used to be a paper test but today people do it online. This is the best way to take a test as one can save time for transportation. You can take this test from your place and the candidate will give the test from his place at convenience. You will also be able to save money for transportation. The candidate will send an online application and then the test can be taken. The questions should be based as per the need of the job role. You can ask the experts while you are setting the questions for the tests. The candidates will have to answer all the questions in limited time frame. This is the way you can also see how quick they are while answering the questions.

The best way to save the time

You can also outsource the services and you will save more of your time. You will be able to get the prefect candidate for sure. The test can be taken before or after the interview and even at the time of interview. This can be taken as per the convenience and of the candidates as well as the hiring officials.

Different kinds of aptitude tests

There are different sorts of aptitude tests and you can select a test that can be as per the needs of the job role.

Verbal reason test

This type of aptitude test will check the reasoning ability or the candidate and also verbal skills of the candidate. You will be able to see how well a candidate can explain and express himself.

Numerical tests.

This will check the numerical skills of the candidate. These tests are best for the job of a banker or finance department job roles.

Diagram tests.

These tests will include a few diagrams and charts. This will help you to check their knowledge about statistics etc.

Cognitive ability tests.

This test will assist you to check the cognitive capacity of a candidate. This will also help you to see how intelligent and efficient the candidate is.

Mechanical reasoning tests.

These tests are best of the job role is technical. This will help you to check the mechanical reasoning capacity of a   candidate. This will check the mechanical knowledge of the candidate.

Situational judgement tests.

These tests will check the emotional quotient of the candidate. This will tell you how good a candidate is at solving math problems.

Abstract reasoning tests.

This is an abstract reasoning test that will help you to see how good a candidate is at reassigning.

Watson Glaser tests.

These tests will tell you how well a candidate can solve issues or arguments. These tests are good if the job role is from the legal department. This will also tell you how well a candidate can work in a team.

Advantage of the tests

These tests are best money and time saver. They are so accurate that you can depend on their results. You can get the most accurate candidate for the job role. You can set your own questions that can be as per the job role. You can ask the experts before you set a question set for the test. This will save your time as the candidate will be very accurate and he will not leave the job. So you will not have to take the tests again and again and recruit the people. You can also see how well a candidate can work in a team and be well with others.

Group border

The aptitude tests are best if you want to make the group recruitment for your company. You can also understand the behaviour and nature of the candidate. The same test can be given to a group of people and you can check their results together. This will save your time and also the results and recruitment will be too biased. This is the best way in which you can appoint people for your company.


It is not the fact that these tests are just to check the ability of the candidate but this is also a self-check test for the hiring persons. They can see how well they can go with the new candidates and how well they can work as a team leader. You can also see how good your personality is. You can find out strong and weak points in yourselves. You can see your nature and personality traits so that you can understand how well you can go with others.

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