5 Resolutions For Every Indian Family For 2020

Its that time of the year. Resolutions !!! When I was younger, resolutions were a norm. As I approach my mid-thirties, I cannot help but realise that an increasing number of people give up on having resolutions. When questioned, the majority have given up due to lack of success. Here are 3 easy steps that will definitely see guaranteed results.

STEP 1: Write them down!
STEP 2: Share it with a closed one. 
              [ it would be great if you could do sharing with those who are living                  with you]
STEP 3: Review them monthly at the very least. Change them if need be.

1. Health 
  • Cut down on rice.  A serving of rice is a bowl, not the size of a banana leaf. Perhaps, consider the switch to brown rice.
  • Make it a habit to include more fruits and vegetables in your meals. 
  • Diabetes is not just a probability. It is possibly a reality. Cut your sugar, unless you really want to cut off your toes in time to come.

2. Finances  
  • Start saving. Savings does not mean wasting your money in some salbul - get rich quick scheme. Make sure you understand what you are investing in. If it is too good to be true, it usually is. Make sure you check with someone trustworthy before you make your decision.
  • For those of us in debts, we will deal with this in a separate article.

3. Arts
  • Make an effort to inculcate the Arts in your life. Try watching a play or experience a music concert [ Ed Note: heard there is a good one taking place on 17 Jan happening at Capitol Theatre]
  • Expand your choice of cinema. There is more to life than Kollywood.
  • Perhaps, pick up a  musical instrument. It is never too late.

4. Exercise
  • This is going to be a tough nut for those of us who have been leading a sedentary lifestyle. Just aim for baby steps and try something that is sustainable and scalable.
  • It could be as simple as starting a habit of doing push-ups in the morning.  Technology has already done its part to help you out at any stage or at any convenience.
  • It could be as minimal as committing to just stretch your body for 10 minutes a day.
  • Ladies, perhaps you could take up a martial arts, like Wing Chun. [ yes, clearly, I am an IP Man fan]

5. Improve your life / Make it count for something
  • I cannot begin to stress the importance of this. Most of us have misunderstood the concept of education and quit learning as we encroach into adulthood. We need to realise that education is a lifelong pursuit.
           Giving back to the community
  • Make it a point to include the community as part of your world. You could volunteer. Do not restrict to just donating your loose change. (Nothing wrong in that ) , but you can do so much more.
  • Spend time with organisations like Wish A Smile Foundation / Lighting Hearts & Lighting Homes
  • Parents who have adult children may want to consider offering their homes to foster children.

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