Grace's Pot: Probably The Best Indian Restaurant in Singapore

I belong to a generation which does not enjoy the luxury of having regular home-cooked meals. As such, eating out is a staple. Due to the Mama in me, my idea of a meal has always been the South Indian Banana Leaf Meal. 

Recently, we published an article on how the South Indian Meal could be changed/ tweaked to make it more healthy/nutritious. While readers generally agreed with my point of view, the few providers who did comment cited business decisions, demand & supply as some of the reasons that make the shift not feasible.

One reader commented recommended Grace's Pot as one restaurant who was already implementing a healthier Indian Meal.

Located at Sembawang Road, this quaint looking establishment is a hidden gem. I visited the place with my family and we had an amazing meal. There was flavour. The experience was unique and it was easily the best South Indian meal I have had outside of my house.

The first thing that will catch your eye is the menu.  They actually have a variety of vegetables and you would not find the same old boring dishes.  Even the beverages on the menu are different. I tried the Kedondong Juice and it was absolutely refreshing.
This green goodness is perfect for combating the hot weather and it has multiple benefits - from meeting our body's protein, fat and sugar intake, to maintaining the immune system with its high Vitamin C and antioxidants content and facilitating the digestive system! 

The owner Mr Suresh, is such a genuine soul who really takes great pride in his food. He is indeed passionate about his food. 
Mr Suresh, Owner of Grace's Pot

Grace's Pot is named after his wife and he ensures that the quality of his food is never compromised. Mr Suresh hails from Cameron Highlands and has been in Singapore for the past 20 years. His family owns farms in the highlands and he gets his produce from there.

When you place your order, the food is cooked on the spot. The food is fresh and has a magic touch to it. The Masala Seabass, which was recommended by the staff was heavenly. 

I cannot wait to visit Grace's Pot again to try the other dishes in the menu. I was just talking to my mom the other day on how in our culture the food business is more than just business. There is a certain responsibility attached to it. In today's scene, where we have many household brands like the Apollos and your  Muthus and your Gayathiris and your Gandhi's, Grace's Pot, to me, stands head and shoulders above the rest. They may not be as famous or successful but they are a symbol of respect and honour for South Indian Cuisine. 
Grace’s Pot Indian Cuisine is located at No. 441, Sembawang Road, Singapore 758401.
Open daily from 11.30 am to 10 pm. After 5 pm, the Tiffin menu includes paratha, thosai and other Indian breads. These are available all day on Saturdays and Sundays.For reservations and advance orders, Tel: +65 6909 0670 and +65 9387 8501.
Parking options are available in the basement carpark at nearby McDonalds and the HDB carpark opposite the restaurant. Grace’s Pot specializes in catering for events

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