Vasantham Live Sangamam: A major disappointment

Ed Note: For those who have clicked to read this article because you seem to have the impression that we actually dislike Vasantham and are going to criticise them again, You are absolutely wrong. I actually have great respect for the channel and the talents that we have. I had even taken part in a game show that aired recently on Vasantham. 

As a music concert, the show was actually enjoyable. The show had a quality line-up of singers as well as a talented band from all over the world. If this was any other show, I would have given this show a 7 out of 10. The areas to improve would be on the following:

1. Punctuality. The first song started at about 8.05pm. I can understand the temptation to delay the show because of the fact people were delayed due to weather. But, what about the people who braved the weather to come early. 

2. Creativity. Yes, the band had re-arranged the music, making it different and unique. But, it did get rather monotonous and repetitive after a while.

3. The Band. Each member is definitely an amazing musician in his or her own right. They definitely did play their part. But, it is my humble opinion that they did not have that x-factor. I have watched many bands perform live which produce magical moments. This was just a well-assembled machine that looked good on paper but possibly needed more time to work its own unique magic.

However, when your show is titled "Vasantham Live", there is a certain expectation about the show to actually promote its own talents and we really have plenty of it. 

Vasantham Count: 
Singers: Kaushik, Elamaran,Vishnu Balaji, Pavithra, Suthasini, Irfanullah, 
Host: Karthik, Jaynesh and Udaya

Foreign Talent:
Singers: KS Chitra, Priyanka, Aalaap Raju,Sathya Prakash and Haricharan

The band had representation from Australia, USA, Germany, Cuba, 4 from India and 4 from Singapore. Where were our Vasantham Boys ( Md Rafee, Md Noor, Md Bashir and Daniel etc) or we have tons of younger bands

There was one moment that I just felt so sad, where our Vasantham Star, Suthasini,  was singing as a backup vocalist to Priyanka. Even where the promos for the show were concerned, we had Suthasini play the role of a host and interviewing the foreign talents. Need we remind the organisers that we do have several hosts in Singapore and Suthasini is our creme de la creme. Speaking of Vasantham Stars, where are the rest of them? Where are our Miss Vasanthams? 

This was pretty much a KS Chitra Concert. The irony in this is that this is the same country where homegrown musicians are fighting to get a stage and KS Chitra has performed live in Singapore and Suntec and Esplanade 4 times just this year alone. To be honest, I am not against the talents from India, but we could have shared the stage with pride and not made our SG talents playing second fiddle to them.

The start of the show could not have painted a clearer picture. It started with Suthasini, Pavitha, Kaushik, Vishnu Balaji and Elamaran which was exciting only to realise that they were backing vocals to SathyaPrakash.

How different is Vasantham Live from the Vijay TV Super Singer World Tour?

There can only be 2 explanations to the way this year's Vasantham live was conceptualised. The creators of the show were of the opinion that either:
1. Singapore does not have enough talent to helm a live show
2. Vasantham feels that local talent is not enough to attract a 6000 crowd
I cannot think of any other reason to justify why Vasantham LIVE would have been organised this way.Vasantham LIVE has always been a tradition in my house. Vasantham is just not about singing, that too, only about the young ones. It would have been so nice to see our yesteryear legends or the forgotten ones. For example, I would have loved to see our most recent Vasantham stars as well.

[Ed Note: Yes, we have ended up criticising Vasantham yet again. Some may think that it is easy to be a keyboard warrior. For those who have started going "mudhalvan" Raghuvaran on me, we wil cut you right away. We don't just talk. We walk the talk and we even dance while we are at it.]

We Present To You 

An event like this has never been staged before. This is the first time almost every local independent Indian musician ( North and South Indians alike) will be collaborating one stage for a festival like never before. 

We have even invited the children from Ramakrishna Mission and the elderly form Sree Narayana Mission to partake in this event. One of our current ministers has also agreed to come by to speak to these young artistes.

What started out in the drawing block as an effort to promote local talent has morphed into a massive community event with the following: 
  • 12 Hours of Live Concert  from 10am - 10pm featuring more than 100 artistes. ( Music / Dance / Singing / Rapping / Beatboxing / Standup Comedy)
  • Smart Nation themed Carnival Games for Children and Youth
    - Robotic Soccer
    - Drone Simulation
    - VR games etc
  • FREE workshops for children and youth conducted by leading industry professionals,
  • Film screening of short films made by our talented filmmakers
  • Massive Lucky Draw Prizes
Tickets are priced at $25 for a 12 Hour Fiesta. It is FREE admission for children below the age of 12. Children will only be permitted if accompanied by an adult.
We are grateful for the immense support that is coming our way. More details will be unveiled soon. For those who would like to perform or be part of this event, please contact 9185 2251.

Will this event be a success? In a month's time we will know. Will this event be another financial loss for me? I sure hope not.  As far as I am concerned, we are doing the right thing. This event is no longer a concert or carnival. 

It has become a cause. Let's rally behind our own talent make history together.

In anycase, we will show you how its should be done. Thank you for your support. 

[PS: if you feel that our expectations of Vasantham Live are wrong, you could read the following links that will give you other perspectives that aren't too different from mine]

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