The Beauty Queen with a Plan: Priscilla Martin

Would you like to give us an introduction of yourself and your involvement in the Miss Singapore Beauty Pageant 2016? 

My name is Priscilla, 24 years old currently working in a Children’s’ Salon as a Sales and Business Development Executive.
I joined the Miss Singapore Beauty Pageant 2016, and the finals were held in August. Among the three titles that were given away I won the Miss Singapore Global Beauty Queen. I would be representing the city state in Korea next year.

There were around twenty of us who took part in the finals all vying for the three titles up for grabs, Miss Singapore Tourism, Miss Singapore Chinatown and Miss Singapore Global Beauty Queen.
What made you join beauty pageants? 
I mainly joined pageants to see how they can benefit me, especially to better myself as a person as well as to give me the experience to see how I could run a Children’s pageant in the future. Working in an environment with children has always inspired me to see how I can organise one for the children in the future. I feel that this is a good way to encourage the social development of the younger ones in a fun way.
I felt that in order to have the credibility to run such pageants for children, I personally have to gather the experience myself and as such I took part in this Miss Singapore Beauty Pageant 2016.
I just started working this year in January, which propelled me back into taking part in pageants in order to fuel my credibility to organise one for children in future.Presently I’m proud to say that I’m organising small one at the end of the year.
How has this experience been different from the last time you took part in a pageant, being a few years apart? 
There’s been a big difference with my mindset to begin with, as compared to the last one I took part in years ago. This time, I felt that I had a goal and a purpose as to why I was taking part in a pageant as compared to before where it was all about just plain fun.

Organising a children’s beauty pageant being your goal, what inspired you? 
Since I was working in a Children’s Salon, it is made up of two components, a gym and a salon. The salon focuses on the makeover, beauty aspect while the gym focusses on the health and well-being of the children. I thought that beauty pageants helped a lot with building my confidence and aiding my social development. And I wanted to transcend this onto children at a young age. I have believed that a children’s beauty pageant is not just about beauty and looking good, but the development of life skills at the same time.

However,  Isn’t  external beauty the main pre-requisite in a beauty pageant? 
Yes It is. Of course, beauty is important in a beauty pageant and even something like height will decide if a person can enter a beauty pageant. But regardless of looks being the most crucial factor involved, the lessons learnt from it and the attitude that one develops through the course of it and how one goes about after that decides what we have learnt from a pageant.
One such example I would like to quote is current reigning Miss Universe Pia Wurtzbach hailing from the Philippines and first runner up Miss Ariadna Gutierrez from Columbia who displayed such exemplary attitude after there was a mix up when the results were read wrongly during the Miss Universe 2015 pageant. When the crown was removed from Miss Ariadna Gutierrez and then placed again on Miss Pia Wurtzbach, both of them accepted the results with dignity and which is how I see pageant winners to be like. Its attitude like these that makes them true winners!

What makes a children’s pageant different? 
Children are all very cute and beautiful looking and its good to at that age, develop a sense of confidence in them through such beauty pageants. As picking a winner will be harder when they’re younger, their confidence would shine through more.
Agree, for instance in my children’s beauty pageant there is a talent round and it’s not all about showing off a skill that a child may be good at. I feel that the key I’m looking for is sportsmanship and confidence rather the aptitude in the talent shown. These are areas I feel that can be developed over the years.
What is the range of children are you looking at for the beauty pageant and why should parents send their kids to take part in this? 
4 – 10 years.It’s not a must but rather a want to give the child an opportunity to stand out and be able to perform in front of others because this is important in building their confidence, especially such competitions can identify whether the child is keen to socially interact with others and other traits that may be prevalent in adolescent and assist them if necessary.
To be absolutely honest, not many people are open to the idea of a children’s pageant. They instantly shun away the notion of it and this is the societal norm that we have accustomed ourselves to. I hope that the parents are more forthcoming and be more willing to trust that the pageant organiser has nothing but the children’s well-being at heart.

Has the organisation of the current pageant that you took part in been better than your other experiences? 
The recent pageant I took part in was a pleasant experience where all of us contestants were well taken care of and welfare was key. The pageant organisers ERM Marketing were one of the best around, being very well-organised and systematic.
What are your Future Plans?
Running the children’s pageant on the 1st December at UE Square Mall. Also during the pageant we were working with the Down Syndrome Children’s Association as one of the pageant’s adopted charities and I would like to carry on my work from there and contribute more then.
I have tied up with my current company and made efforts to support their efforts for raising funds such as hairstyling and face-painting during their fund-raising events in November.

Possibly I would like to do a Christmas and New Year’s event with them as well during the year end as well.


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