Interview with Krishna Raj - Violinist with "Masala Coffee"

When you say Masala Coffee, most of you would probably only remember the Munbe Va cover and the lead singer, Sooraj Santosh. I was guilty of such a myopic view as well, until I got to watch and hear them live in Malaysia in October. Although their performance in Malaysia was only 45 minutes due the set up of the show, it was more than enough to leave me mesmerized. While the band in totality was kickass ( you will realise this for yourself on the 25 November ) and Sooraj's voice was sweeter than honey, it was this young man who really impressed me.

Perhaps it was because of my inclination towards the violin [ Flashback: My mom had actually bought me a violin from India and wanted me to learn it. While i kept the violin, I was too busy knocking things around with my Hockey sticks that all that poor violin did was to gather dust]  or the fact that both the violinist and myself share a similar buy awesome hairstyle. On a serious note, do remember my words, this young genius will sweep you off your feet. He is a man of too few words, preferring to let his music to do the talking

How did your journey with music begin?
I started learning music when I was about 4 or 5 years old. I started learning karnatic music first then started violin at the age of 10. I chose violin because my dad was also a violin player.

How did Masala Coffee start for you?
I met them during a programme that took place in Trivandrum. It was actually our guitarist’s brother’s wedding and I was performing for it. Later, I received a call from Varun asking if I was interested to join the band.

Did you agree to it immediately?
I did. He told me to learn some of the songs and to come down for an audition. That was how my first gig with the band began.

How has your one and a half years with the band been?
I have been enjoying every minute of it. There has never been a dull moment. I am always at ease when with them.

If you had to choose your favourite Masala Coffee song, which would it be and why?
I would choose “Once Upon a Time in Punjab” as I find the music very catchy and uplifting.

Just between us people with awesome hairstyle,Tell us the story behind your hairstyle.
Actually, I used to have straight hair. During my higher education, four years ago, it suddenly started curling.That was it.

What do you love about Masala Coffee?
It is very heartening to see all of us stick it out together, like a family. I really love such vibes.


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