Interview with Kishan Balaji: Drummer of "Masala Coffee"

Presenting to you the newest member of the band, possibly the best looking one in the band as well, Kishan Balaji ,29. He is based out of Bangalore. It was definitely our pleasure to speak to him. A person who is extremely passionate about music and life, Kishan exudes an aura of posiitivity. He lets us in on his journey with music and his plans to come.

How did your musical journey begin?
My mom was a musician. She still sings, but not professionally. She used to sing in All in Radio. She is an actress in TV serials now. So, she enrolled me in the Valley school, founded by the philosopher Jiddu Krishnamurti. The school had a different vibe and believed in holistic education. It was there I developed a keen interest in percussions. I started off with the mridangam, which I can’t play now to save my life. But, it did imbibe a sense of rhythm and music in me. I had a friend, Paul, who started playing drums and he did look damn cool. That got me started.

How did Masala Coffee happen for you?
David Crimson (lead guitarist for Masala Coffee) and I go a long way back. I have been playing for more than a decade, probably clocked more than 800 shows. I have opened for many big acts. I even had my own metal band, Extinct Reflections. David was a fan of that band. Masala Coffee was looking for a new drummer and David contacted me.

The timing was just perfect because I had just ended a chapter with other endeavours. We jammed a few times and it just got going from there.

What is your favourite MC composition?
I like Munbe Vaa a lot. It may be a cover but we have made it our own. I like Agni but it really depends on how I play it. It’s a complex piece and if I play it well, I like it. If I happen to mess it up, I don’t really like it.

What are you looking forward to Singapore?
Singapore brings back a lot of nostalgia for me. I may have never been there. My dad has been there and brought back many gifts from there. I got my first bicycle, a bmx. I even got a skateboard.  Those things did not exist in my hometown when I was young.  In fact, skateboard has only just picked up a few years ago in India and I had it back then.

My dad only had good things to say about Singapore; The cleanliness. I am definitely looking forward to it.

Tell us something interesting about your life
There was once I got hang out with SLASH.  There was this rock festival in Dubai back in 2008. That was aweseome.  On a more serious note, there is this idea that I am working on. Its about taking a music lover's live experience with music to the next level. We are using the latest technology but at the same time, keeping the experience real and authentic. Stay tuned for more updates on this.  Its about connecting music to a good cause.

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