BOND with your AGEING PARENTS by Lavania

My husband has been dealing with a long distance relationship with his parents successfully for many years. Every time, I hear him having conversations, devoting a good length of time over the phone,  endless exchange of kisses, feeding each other food with love, holding hands while crossing the road or even just like that. I am not jealous of this relationship that he has with parents but rather, I am in awe.
Out of the many valuable lessons, he has shown me how much joy one can bring by spending time with your parents. Let’s just say, not all of us have a fantastic relationship with our parents. Truth be told, there are many ways we can use to bond with these supreme beings.
Let me share with you 4 interesting ways of how you can bring joy to the ones who brought us into this world.
We may have many framed photos around our home to remind us of sweet memories but how many of us have a family tree and who better to ask than our parents or grandparents! This activity will also be perfect for listening to generation stories that can last for hours! I remember my grandmother sharing with me stories on how she and her siblings were made to hide in a well when the Japanese came to their home. Oh, how I wished, I could have recorded her saying these stories!

Do you know there is a special rate for seniors (age 60 & above) at just $28? My best friend’s mom has been trying to find new activities to occupy herself. She was visiting Singapore for some time and I brought her for a session at Arteastiq in Mandarin Gallery. That was the first time I saw a kid in her. She got so excited browsing through folders of inspirations and wasted no time in getting down to beautifying her canvas.
This is an awesome activity for you to join in as well. Both of you will be so engrossed in getting your canvas painted that 3 hours would have passed before you realise!

This has got to be one of my favourites! Remember having a dish that gets you reminiscing your childhood or crave to cook that one dish your mum fed you? Just thinking of the combination of rasam (indian spice soup) and diced potato and egg masala paired with sambal (spicy sauce) sardines is making me salivate! My mum used to call my grandmother asking her for recipes and my grandmother will patiently share the recipes over the phone. Elders love sharing! The one trait I guess instinctively comes as we get older because we want to feel important.

Not many destinations are holiday friendly for elders. Keep in mind that their pace of walking is slower, knees are not as strong to climb steps, stomach is more sensitive to food and weather changes can be daunting. My husband’s parents are Moroccans and they are used to the sunny weather but not the humidity. Thankfully, they adapted well to the weather as we made sure they kept themselves hydrated and ooh, the occasional dip in the swimming pool freshened them up all the time. Before going on a holiday, do your research like how you would for your kids. Educate your parents on what to expect and do be sure to assure them that they will be having lots of fun, will be well taken care of and that they are in good hands. Positive reassurance always works in getting them to programme a positive mindset for themselves. Help them pack their bags so that if they can’t find something (memory failure), at least you will know in which compartment of the bag it was kept in.
Here is a photo of my in-laws in suitable outfits for the sunny weather in beautiful Bali! Aren’t they a cute couple!

I can go on and on with ideas to bond and if you would like to know more, feel free to comment and share this article because the more the article gets shared, my boss, the Editor will want me to share more! Ha!

[Ed Note: Gee Thanks.... Such kind words.. But seriously, do share this with your friends only because this is a such an awesome read. It will serve as a wake  up call / reminder for most of us, myself inclusive, who may have taken our parents presence for granted]
Be blessed, stay blessed.

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