Red Dot Bhangra Goes To The Heartlands

Having been involved in the arts scene actively  in the past 30 months, I have dealt with many different artistes and groups and several dicussions and chats with them about direction, ambition, pathway etc. 

Being an artiste is not a easy road. But when you live in a City State like Singapore, there is no easy road. I have always been of the opinion that for an artiste to thrive in Singapore, the artiste has to continually work at their craft. The learning never stops. However, talent alone will never equate to success. If that was the case, the most successful burger in the world would not be that unhealthy crap that's available, no disrespect to Ronald.

One has to think about the commercial - business aspect as well. Most artistes know this but they think they can handle this themselves. Even the most talented artistes in the world have a management firm of sorts. 

Lastly, one aspect that is often ignored by artistes, is the need to engage the community and grow their audience. We live in a capitalist world where the worth of the artiste is really a reflection of the fiscal value of their demand. Many superstars of today struggled for years to get exposure and recognition. They never gave up. They kept at it and eventually made it. 

One particular group of artistes that are role-models are the people behind Red Dot Bhangra.  I got to know Hargobind and his team as S.W.A.T , a competitive Bhangra Dance Crew, whom we engaged for our inaugural show in Kallang theatre in 2016.

[Ed Note: Thank you Saher for the introduction]

They had passion for their art form and they work regularly at it even after winning numerous accolades. What's brilliant about them is their foresight and planning. Instead of sticking with just the dancing, they launched Red Dot Bhangra, an initiative to spread awareness about the art form. One such effort is their participation in Got to Move ISLANDWIDE 2018, organised as part of Got to Move (GTM), is an initiative by the National Arts Council (NAC). Through this initiative, dance organisations and individuals are able to showcase their passion and talent by means of a variety of activities like workshops, performances, dance parties and dance battles.

 As part of Got to Move ISLANDWIDE 2018, RedDot Bhangra is presenting Culture Campur Workshops in conjunction with P7:1SMA, Dance Dynamics and Saherism. Through this synergized effort, members of the public can look forward to sampling different dance forms like bhangra, bolly-hop, Malay, Mongolian, bollywood and classical Chinese dance at free-
to-attend beginner workshops for all ages.

Prior dance experience is not required as participants will be guided through simple steps during these family-friendly workshops.

Got to Move ISLANDWIDE 2018 involves a variety of ground-up dance programmes all around Singapore, many of which are held in the heartlands, allowing people from all walks of life to enjoy
the activities.

Culture Campur Workshops will be held at Lot One Shoppers’ Mall in Choa Chu Kang on Saturday 27 October 2018 between 2pm and 6pm. Apart from dance workshops, everyone can also catch roving bhangra dancers, dress up in colourful costumes, try out traditional instruments, and take a souvenir photo at the photo booth.

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