Go Nude


I feel the nude makeup look is one of the best looks for us women. It allows us to enhance our features without being too loud about it.  We will be showcasing our natural beauty without using a substantial amount of foundation or bronzer. Many people feel this look is muted, but if applied correctly with the right products in the right places, you can look like a diva, that too effortlessly.

Here are a few tips you could use while trying to achieve the nude makeup look. The secret to a flattering no-makeup makeup look is choosing colours that work with the natural tones of your face. You can enhance those tones or go brighter or deeper.

Tip 1 - Less is more
Unlearn everything you’ve learned about applying foundations and concealers. You should not look caked-up while trying to look natural. Use the foundation carefully and know when to stop!

Tip 2 - Main focus is to look as natural as possible
If you have pale skin, opt for pink or peachy colours and if you have olive undertones, opt for pale beige or cream colours.

Tip 3- Invest in grooming sessions
If you are keen on hiding your flaws naturally, it is advisable to invest a little in grooming. Also, the best time to carry this natural look is after getting a facial or after giving your skin a proper cleansing/toning ritual. Remember to exfoliate your lips too!

Tip 4 - The Magic of Mascara
We all know how wonderful mascara works to open up our eyes. Just trust your old buddy and give it a chance. If you want, you can add false lashes or a stroke of an eye pencil to give a glamorous twist to your final look.

Tip 5 - Blush it
Use a cream blush with primer, and you are able to skip the foundation! It is that simple. Make sure it compliments your skin tone. Do not opt for shades that look contrasting and also, keep a check on the amount of blush being used. I prefer cream based blushers as I can skip the foundation, but if you prefer to use foundation, powder based blushers also works great for the nude look.

Brighten the under-eye area by layering a corrector and skin tone correct concealer. Apply up to the lash line and at the inner corner of the eye.  Amp up eyes naturally with a warm shadow in the crease, set a deeper medium shadow smudged along the lash line and at the outer eye corner; and a light shimmer shadow dabbed on the middle of the lid.

Even out your skin tone for the flawless look. Apply tinted moisturiser or skin tone correct foundation, then set with an illuminating or retouching powder for a diffused, soft-focus finish.

Feel free to add a bronzer. It can be used to enhance the natural contours of your face subtly. For the most natural look, sweep bronzer along the perimeter of the face, just below the cheekbones and along the jawline.

Applying a cream blush in a natural flushed shade on the apple of the cheek and add highlighters on the top of the cheekbone! Perfect look for sunny Singapore!

I always believe in creating your style! And that is what I have been doing for my makeup! The fascinating thing about makeup is that you can experiment all the time. Although the above tips apply to the nude look, you can break them to create your personal style statement.

Let us know what you think about the classic nude look makeup. Have you ever tried it? Share your experiences with us!

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