Pay First or No Treatment? Is this Really Happening in Singapore?

Recently, we were all over allegations that a Malaysian Hospital had demanded payment upon admission when a Singaporean had met with an accident. It's a similar scene that most of us would have witnessed in a Tamil movie, where the hospital requires payment before a surgery or procedure. 

Never did I think that this would be the case in Singapore. I came across this campaign on Give Asia, titled " Help Me Save My Papa"

Campaign Story (Source: Give Asia Website)
My parents were divorced when we were young, and my papa, Ravi is from Malaysia, hence, he did not receive his citizenship here in Singapore, and he’s on his work permit ever since.

Papa has a problem with his heart since 2012, and has gone through 6 angiogram surgery, which was previously paid by his company, and gone through the by-pass for his heart.

Recently in September, the problem came back to hound him, and the blockage is inside the stand, which makes his surgery complicated and require dedicate surgery perform by specialist doctors only.

Now his company is not paying his medical bills, and he’s unable to proceed with the surgery unless we paid up the full amount, which is estimated $39 k from NUH. We are raising $50 k to cover this surgery and the outstanding medical bills.


This man is a ticking time bomb. The campaign is not exactly taking off. Its currently at $981 out of $50,000 goal. I would not have been surprised if this was happening at a Private Hospital. At the same time, I know that we are not a charity and the man is not a citizen.  But surely, we cannot resort to have our policies crafted in such a way that one is denied his right to live because he has no money on him. What type of society have we become?

Our reach per article has hit more than 50,000 views before with netizens sharing and getting the word our. If each one of us can just spare $10 this Deepavali, it would make the world of a difference. 
For those who are not able to donate, let's just share this article and get this to the right people. This policy is not Singapore. This Country has enough money. Yes, it's not evenly spread. To some people, this amount is just peanuts. A certain person we all know just got a nice increment to a $4.2 million annual salary.

Mdm Yacob, do not get me wrong, I am not asking you to foot the entire hospital bill, though that would be some wayang done right. But perhaps, we can do more to ensure this does not happen again. Surely, people in such positions can do more than just donate. They can change the system. 

If you know someone high up in NUH, please make a call and do whatever you can.

Ps: I am sorry. I am going to SPAM and TAG as many people as I can. To be honest, this could have been as simple as the Case Manager being new and simply just afraid to take it up to her higher management. 


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