Are you a giver or a taker?

What are you going to do for me?

What can I do for you?


2 very simple questions but a massive difference in context from each question. There are 2 kinds of people in this world, givers & takers. 

What are you going to do for me?
That is the constant intent of a taker. A person who waits to whip out his wallet when everyone had decided to go dutch for a meal together. Probably not even bring his wallet out so that it is convenient to be let off as it will be accepted by the givers as a misfortune than an ill intent.

A taker gives gifts with an intent of having already precalculated his returns from giving the gift. 

He also proactively organizes personal events randomly knowing that in expectation, guests will turn up with gifts for him. 

A taker sits back and waits for the event to be organized but if asked to provide directions on how to host the event, loses his/her composure as he would not have given two hoods to how the event was going to be held but more of the outcome in return monetarily or materialistically. 

When the outcome is not as expected, the taker loses his/her shit with no tact or gratitude towards the team that put the event together with much effort. 

A taker finds it extremely difficult to make themselves apologize for losing the temper but instead would sweep the confrontation under the rug and go on with life that it never happened, plotting on their next source of "income".

A taker is one who is truly unreliable in every way. When blame is projected at them, they flip and hit the roof that it was not their dirt. Takers like to dish dirt out of others to make themselves feel liberated that their life is not as fucked up as they had presumed it is. Takers tend to fall under the category of gossipers too. They love to hear how others are struggling and suffering to be able to move on on their daily mundane lifestyle which they will never feel as a gift itself. 

The Givers

On the other hand, the ones who walk around the world feeling they owe their services to everyone who seeks help, the givers, are truly peculiar beings. Ones the world is blessed with. 

They would have sneakily paid for everyone's meal even before the bill may have been presented to the table. They would be hit by abuse verbally and keep it within them and not explode. Every task that is assigned to them, they will take it on board as their lifelong task to ensure they accomplish it even if their plate is completely full. When shit hits the roof, they blame it upon themselves for the unexpected outcome. Even if the dirt was not theirs and they would know it, deep in their bones, they will take blame and feel  no resentment towards the person whom the dirt belongs to. 

Givers are known to work extra hard even if help is not requested as they doubt themselves in success. Whenever they are giving monetarily or in forms of material, they feel liberated and enough. 

Givers are known to be appeasers. They are people pleasers. 
Most givers are in jobs they involve providing services and don't find themselves to be climbing the ladder of success quicker than others purely cause of their inborn nature to give in to the takers. 

Givers, in general, give more of what they can and take less than they should. 

When takers and givers are put on a scale of a judgement of who stands tall to survive in the world, unfortunately, the takers lose the battle. Givers although attain success the harder and less wiser way, they get the more favourable vote to remain in power. 

Like Mahatma Gandhi, Nelson Mandela and Mother Theresa who were all great examples of givers who ruled the world with their hearts, may us victoriously raise givers, who will be the last standing leaders in this world than takers. 

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