A Note To Kamal Haasan: Kindly Mind Your Own Business

Not too long ago, award winning Indian actor, Kamal Haasan,  announced his intention to enter Tamil Nadu politics to fight corruption, intolerance and communalism. 

He has indicated that he will form his own political party and is looking to attract people from different walks of life. Apparently, he is thinking of fresh faces and young people. He has also invited Rajinikanth to join him.

Cinema actors joining politics is not something new in Tamil Nadu. We have had MGR and  Jayalalitha ( the previous Chief Minister). Her death has left a political vacuum that Kamal Haasan among others will be trying to capitalise on. The next state elections is due on 2021.

The man is an excellent actor. There is absolutely no doubt about that. In his craft, he is probably the best of his generation.His movies and speeches have taken on issues affecting the society and he is known for his liberal views. While we do wish him the best in this political career,  we do want to politely remind him to mind his own business. 

In the past 24 hours, we have seen 2 different Public Facebook posts from him that has made reference to Singapore. 

As an aspiring politician, he probably needs to learn before dragging another Country into his opinions. It is completely ironical that it was only yesterday that our Minister of Defence Dr Ng Eng Hen hosted Indian Defence Minister Nirmala Sitharaman for breakfast where both parties reaffirmed the "strong and longstanding defence relationship" between Singapore and India.

Both defence ministers also discussed ways to enhance bilateral defence cooperation under the revised Defence Cooperation Agreement (DCA) signed in November 2015. They acknowledged the good progress made under the revised DCA, such as the convening of the first Defence Industry Working Group in May 2016 and the inaugural Singapore-India Defence Ministers’ Dialogue held in June 2016.

Perhaps, this can show Kamal Haasan the real work that the politicians of India and Singapore are involved instead of using a Tamil movie's dialogue to state some critic's opinions. Go solve your Country's issues before looking at others.

Singapore is not perfect. But we are who we are today because of our leader's visions and policies. We have been a democracy since our independence in 1965. Perhaps, Kamal Haassan should have understood what a dictatorship actually means. We may have had our Founding Fathers who ruled with an iron fist but we had our democratic principles firmly in place. 

This is now a country, where so many Indian Nationals have chosen to come to either to benefit financially or to migrate indefinitely. We do play our National Anthem at the start and end of the mainstream media transmission and it still holds meaning to us and we are proud of it, unlike some song that merely holds emotional meaning to people.

Comparing Singapore and India is simply unrealistic. A true politician would have known that. After all, is he not the man who took advantage of a gutter television series " Bigg Boss" and used a non-political television channel "Vijay TV" to regain his popularity and pave his way to politics. 

Thinesh Kurunathan

Note: We are not against Kamal Haasan. We respect him as an actor but we will not tolerate anyone, who drags our Country down, regardless of who you may be. Vanakam.


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