2 Companies That Are Destroying A Generation of Singaporean Talent

It probably is the fastest growing job in Singapore. At least, it feels like that to me. In every social circle, there is bound to be more than one private hire driver. Most young Grab / Uber drivers all start their journey as a means to end, intending it to be a stop-gap solution.

However, the attraction of making this interim measure into a long-term move is real. As a private hire driver, you get freedom and the ability to dictate your own life.

You no longer need to deal with irritating bosses. You will never get scolded for waking up late. If you are married, you are free to be back at any time you deem fit, because you were apparently working.

To top it off, the remuneration is not all that bad. I know drivers who can make a  thousand in a week.

On the flipside, these drivers spend their prime without acquiring any skills or experience. The remuneration will possibly decrease as they get older because driving is manual labour and it will definitely take a  toll on the driver.

While I can definitely empathise that the job market is not exactly blooming and GRAB and UBER offers a solution for the immediate needs, it creates a long term problem, where we will be left with a generation of Singaporean males who will be unskilled.

Worse still, as a GRAB / UBER driver, you would not have a healthy CPF contribution and will need to reply on your self-discipline to have any savings.

Most of us have already realised that the aggressive sales and marketing techniques or Grab and Uber are simply to gain market share. They have managed to even convert many taxi drivers to private hire by offering them incentives. Will Grab or Uber remain as generous once they have established themselves market leaders?

In Singapore, one can only apply for a Taxi Driver's license at the age of 30. Perhaps,  Grab and Uber could have an above 40 requirement. This would then allow the middle-aged people to secure jobs if they get retrenched.  I do not think Grab and Uber will face a shortage of drivers since, we are an ageing population, after all.

Yes, there will be backlash in that consumers may get annoyed that the drivers are elderly and slow etc. But eventually, they will get used to it and possibly end up becoming a more gracious generation due to empathy. Chances are that one of the uncles or aunt or even a parent in the family would be a Grab driver.

This would force our youngsters to look for jobs in line with the skills they have learnt and not take the easy way out.

Thinesh Kurunathan

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