An Open Letter From Your Car

From the time I can remember,
I have been nothing but a liability,
Yet I remain the pride and joy in your life,
to a point, I am more important than your wife,

I cost you quite a bit every month, 
High Maintenance, some might say
Its not my fault that I'm so ex loh
Its just Singah-pore 

Me and my kind are always frowned upon.
Too much smoke, Too much traffic.
Give me a chance, an opportunity,
to prove that I can help the community.

your car

Are you not convinced yet? Give your car a chance to prove herself as a positive member of the community.  The good people from "Lighting Hearts Lighting Homes"  need you and your car next Saturday, 22nd October 2016.

We know you are probably going to be doing some last minute Deepavali shopping but hey, you only need to help from 8.45am to 1pm. Trust me, your  Deepavali will be alot more special if you do this. 

Your help is needed to help deliver festive packs to the many needy beneficiaries across Singapore. If you are a young family, you are encouraged to bring your little ones so that they could learn and appreciate the gift of giving.

Each pack weighs about 12-15 kg. We hope that each vehicle can take a minimum of 5 festive packs. Please bring along someone who can help you with the navigation of addresses through GPS. They will try their best to allocate you your preferred locations.  In the event, they are unable to, they seek your understanding and hope you will still help us deliver the festive packs to our needy families island-wide.

The details are as follows:

When: Saturday, 22 October 2016, 8.45am - 1pm
Where: Covered Hard Court next to Blk 330 Yishun Ring Road, Singapore 760330.  The court is situated in between Blocks 327 and 311. 
Its extremely important that you need to register instead of deciding to surprise them on the day itself. The organisers need to plan the day ahead.
Please email if you have any further queries.

Lets do our small part to bring cheer and light up the Homes and Hearts of those in need this Deepavali.  

Ps: Amma, If you are reading this, I am registering your car. :)

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