5 Reasons To Have a Linkedin Account by Dasreena Kaur

If you have been to University or you are in the professional world, you probably would have heard about Linkedin. For the unacquainted, Linkedin which has about 300 million users, is a business-oriented social networking service that was founded on May 5th, 2003.

There are many reasons to why you probably think you don’t need a Linkedin account. Maybe you are in a comfortable job and you are not looking for a change, or you could be running your own business and you don’t see how Linkedin will help you or you hold a very senior position in your organisation and you think personal recommendations can get you the next job.

So why bother creating a Linkedin account right?
Here are 5 reasons to why you need a Linkedin account. Hopefully, by the end of this article, I would have convinced you to create an account.

A recruiter’s role is not only to look at resumes of candidates who have applied for the role directly through the company’s job portals but more importantly source for candidates who are not actively looking for jobs. These candidates are called passive candidates. Passive candidates are employed and are not looking for jobs.

In other words, recruiters are expected to steal and pillage from competitive companies and convince them about the organisation and the new challenges that await them.

A research by Jobvite showed that 87% of recruiters are using Linkedin to search for candidates. If you don’t have a Linkedin account, it’s obvious how you doing yourself a disfavour by not having an account. You are won’t know which opportunities come and knocking and recruiters won’t know of your existence.

There are over a thousand groups on Linkedin for Accountants, Entrepreneurs, HR professionals and even generic ones for those who have a particular interest such as Learning and development or a specific technology.

These groups expose you to industry related news and help you to network with people in the same industry. Many new friendships and ideas have been formed through these groups and you never know, you could possibly meet your next business partner or boss through these discussions.

Don’t assume Linkedin is only for job chasers and recruiters. If you are a salesperson trying to reach out to a Marketing manager in an organisation for a sales pitch, your Linkedin profile would show that you exist and you are not too good to be true. This builds trust and if you have recommendations from other clients you work with, this will be an added bonus.

A Linkedin account which is well crafted for clients or for jobs that you want helps build your personal brand. Linkedin is still the best widely used social media for networking and having an active presence will let potential recruiters or business contacts know about your professional online presence. Recently, I was approached by a group of young leaders to give a talk on resume writing and incidentally it was through Linkedin.

Your boss would probably be more receptive to having you as a Linkedin connection as compared to a Facebook friends. Should you move on to another organisation, Linkedin is also the ideal social media platform to keep in touch with your ex-colleagues. You can add or follow senior management from large organisations like Google, Facebook or Yahoo! Even Narendra Modi, the Prime Minister of India is very active on Linkedin.

Technology has presented us with many avenues to connect with the vast world out there. To be ahead of the game and to make your presence known, embrace these technology and leverage through networking.

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