Do You Have A Glass Ceiling?

Ho Ching - Grace Fu - Josephine Teo - Halimah Yacob -  Indranee Rajah - Khoo Teh Lynn - Farhain Abu Bakar - Ivy Ng - Angelene Chan -  Olivia Lum
These are names that have pushed boundaries. They have excelled in their own ways. In Singapore, we have women who have excelled in almost every other profession. Does that mean that glass ceiling in Singapore has been broken? Or is it simply a mirage?

We are still primarily an Asian society. There are still stereotypical expectations placed on both genders. Laws are still archaic. Wages are still not equal. There are still womens wings and subcommittees with main committees having an overwhelming majority of males.

For those of you reading this, you may feel that this topic is not your thing. Let me re-assure you, apart of the fact that you are a human being, your gender is really the strongest form of identity that you have. So, this is definitely your thing. This is not the first time a discussion like this is happening. Neither would it be the last. But I would highly recommend this  particular event due the choice of speakers. We have 4 extremely qualified and respected women from various races and backgrounds. 

If you still feel that you don't have a reason to attend this, you owe it to you mother and/or your future daughter. :)

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