Swimming Classes @ SengKang For Needy Children

Although my brother and I came from a lower middle-class background, we were blessed with parents who gave us everything to a point, on hindsight, I have felt that we actually did not deserve them.

We had tried our hand at almost everything from Taekwondo to Swimming to Music etc. While most of these activities are hobbies or interest, swimming is a life skill that is essential, or as some would have it, it is also our nation's most successful sport.

However, not everyone has the opportunity nor the resources to take on swimming lessons. I realised that when we had to swim during our national service. Thankfully, we have the likes of Sandhya Veeran who has started an amazing initiative to ensure every child, regardless of economic stature can learn this life skill.

She has started a Swimming class at Sengkang Swimming complex for children from underprivileged families and is sponsoring some of the children to gain skills that could save their and others lives.

Venue: Sengkang Swimming complex
Day/time: Saturdays, 1pm-2pm
Fees: Will be depending on the number of enrolment.

Those who can afford are welcomed to pay the full amount. Those who can't, they will sponsor whatever amount. Do share the word around. 

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