Ranjith and Rahul Nambiar Set to Rock Singapore

Ranjith and Rahul Nambiar, two of the most talented LIVE singers from India are set to enthral us on Saturday,  16th September at the Gateway Theatre. Unless you have a keen interest in Tamil music, the names Rahul and Ranjith may not ring a bell.

In today's age and time, the title of being a playback singer in Kollywood is really not such a big deal as it used to be. The Vijay TV Super Singer, since its second season, has been a regular supplier of new voices to the industry, to a point that there is just too many of them. These days, you even have actors who think that they are singers.

When I first heard about this show, I was rather worried for the organisers. For those who know about my journey with music and concerts would understand why. Less than 2 weeks ago, I attended a concert held in Singapore which was part of a World Tour featuring Super Singer Junior Runner-Up Pragathi Guruprasad. She had 2 amazing musicians Shravan Sridhar on violin and Keba Jeremiah on guitar. 

The concert was one with no frills but, the musicians were of excellent quality. I was disappointed that almost everyone I knew at the concert hall was there on a complimentary ticket. The show failed to sell out and the organisers resorted to giving complimentary tickets to make the hall look pleasing to the eye. I hope that those friends and acquaintances who were there on a complimentary ticket would now pay it forward by purchasing a ticket for this next concert.

Ranjith and Rahul are way more accomplished singers and are definitely in a different league compared to Pragathi, but the latter clearly is way more popular, trending and recognisable in 2017. Being a concert organiser myself, I sought to meet up the organisers behind "Rahul and Ranjith" to share my pitfalls and whatever little knowledge that I have acquired to ensure mistakes aren't repeated etc.

I was blown away by their passion for the Arts and I urge each and every music lover to make time and effort to attend this concert.  Both Ranjith and Rahul are not just studio singers. They are excellent live performers. They are able to pull together a wide range of songs from Poraney Poraney to Jingunamani Jingunamani to Adada Mazha Da. I have watched enough concerts, where the organisers have chosen a few singers off a menu card and put them together to create a show. That, to me, is not a concert.

A concert is a musical experience where you lose yourself to the music, that moment, where your soul is not within your physical body, but in some higher realm.

This duo is the ultimate rock star combination. The fact that they have performed live together for more than a hundred shows is a testament to their chemistry and compatibility.My team has toyed with the idea of this well-oiled combination and we are glad that we get to watch them perform live in Singapore.

My favourite aspect of this show is that Rahul and Ranjith will be performing the entire concert to a Singapore based band, Music Minds. This band recently made news as they were selected for Esplanade's Fusion Beats Mentorship Programme. Huge respect to the organisers from Fireflies to give an amazing opportunity to this up and coming band.

The music fraternity in Singapore cannot grow independently without the support of the people. Tickets are priced affordably at $40 and $60.

Let's do our part to support live music. Trust me, it is different from watching a music video online. Contact us at 9185 2251 to facilitate your ticket purchase.

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