KP Sandhu For NDP 2018 Host

In recent times, the National Day Parade  has been going multi-racial in their choice for hosts. We have had Ebi Shankara and Narain in the last 2 years. The objective of this article is to sound out to the NDP organisers that the Indian talent pool in Singapore is not just limited to the Vasantham Channel. There are many talented and beautiful people in Vasantham.
If the question arises, who is the best emcee in Singapore, there is no dispute. It is KP Sandhu. Anyone who has seen him in action will not disagree with me.
Since 2008, K.P. has always made a genuine attempt to connect with his
audience. His sensibilities and personal experiences as an international entertainer make him a hit with his audiences and co-performers alike.

Whether you are watching him as a member of the audience or sharing
the stage with him, you cannot help but chuckle along with his sense of
humor and his ability to laugh at himself. Blessed with the gift of the gab and a resonant voice, K.P. is also able to gauge the pulse of his audiences and
is able to customize his hosting style in accordance with the crowd he has
been assigned. This versatility, combined with his sense of humor, makes him an excellent event emcee for any occasion.

Languages Spoken:

 English
 Malay
 Hindi
 Punjabi
 BASIC Mandarin

This man has commandeered events for various clients, from ministries to statutory boards to MNCs. I have had enough of watching NDPs where the hosts are there in ridiculous uniforms, struggle to rally the crowd and end up being cheerleaders. It's about time, we get a real professional. 

To the organisers of NDP 2018, please contact KP Sandhu directly at This is not a paid advertorial.  We, at the Guru Project are firm advocates of true SG talent. 

If you believe KP should be next NDP host, do share this article on social media etc. Let's get this man to the place he rightfully deserves. If you have seen him in action and would like to add a few words, please comment in this article so that the everyone will get to read it as well. 

Thinesh Kurunathan


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