An upcoming SG Feature Film Kicks off with a Soulful Single

We absolutely love it. We cannot be prouder than these bunch of young talented artistes who are breaking away from norms and fighting to prove their talent. Being an artiste and pursuing your passion in Singapore is not easy.

In the past decade, we have seen a few well-established artists in the local media scene who have since tried to seek opportunities in India. From Pravin Saivi to Neruppu Guna to Deva to Kalacharan, they have been breaking new milestones and doing us proud.

However, we could not help but realise another bunch of independent artistes who are seeking to create new opportunities for themselves here. They are not afraid to collaborate with artistes from all over the world. They are just fearless. 

When you have talent and ambition, you can create wonders. We cannot wait for the other songs from this movie and the movie itself. Watch this space for more developments from Enthan Uyir Thozhi


Unrequited love does not die; it's only beaten down to a secret place where it hides, curled and wounded.

#Kanmaniye defines the acute rendition of Pain. Crooned by Musical Muse 'Pravin Saivi', Composed and Arranged by 'Karthick Kannan' and a poetic journey crafted by 'Sanjeev Kumari'. Get indulged in this Classic Rock induced Pathos-Ridden number.

Song Credits:
Track: Kanmaniye - The Unrequited Love of Surya
Composed and Arranged by Karthick Kannan
Vocals: Pravin Saivi
Lyrics: Sanjeev Kumari
Additional Lyrics: Aishwarya Krishnan

Musician Credits: Acoustic Lead and Electric Guitar: Karl Luis
Acoustic Rhythm and Bass Guitar: Joe Kent (Chennai)
Drums: Rahul Kumar (Chennai)
Mixing and Mastering: Leroy C. Jerson, Le Music Studio, Chennai.
The song will be Available soon on Spotify & iTunes.

More Information About the Movie

Movie - Enthan Uyir Thozhi (#EUT)
Director - Kevin William
Cast - Thoufiq, Ashwini Nair, Sanjeev Kumari, Tinesh Natkeeran, Deva Raj, Saravannan Naidu, Jayaram Ramaiya
Editor - Dinesh Raj
Cinematography - Kevin William
Music Director - Karthick Kannan
Executive Producer - Logan.G (Lokan Enterprises)
Co-Executive Producer - Gayathri Ashukumar (Ashtech Solutions)
Co-Producer - Anusasheenee
Producer - Kevin William (Filmoholic Pictures)
Production - Filmoholic Pictures \ Lokan Enterprises \ Ashtech Solutions \ Jo4Joker Studio


Un Vaasam, En Pakkam Veesayile, En Aayul Neeluthadi.. Nee Yen Arugil Varugayile, Yen Thedal Neengumadi..
Ennai Nee Marakkum Munne,
Nam Kanavai Marappaaya..
Uyirai Izhakkum Munne,
Yen Kadhalai Unarvaaya..

Mothalal Vantha Natpu,
Kadhalal Thevai Meetpu,
Ulagengum Iruttu, Athai Pokka Nee Vazhiyai Kaattu..

Nee Illai Naanum Illai,
Irunthum Illai Ondrum Illai..
Iruvarum Ondrai Servomae (x2)

CHORUS Kanmaniye, Kadhaliye, Enthan Uyirin Thozhiye.. (x2)

Ondraga Kai Korthu Nadanthome ..
Verum Natpaaga Iruvarum Pirinthome..
Unnidam Eppadi Solvene,
Yen Kadhal Kanneerai Karaigindrathe..

CHORUS Kanmaniye, Kadhaliye, Enthan Uyirin Thozhiye.. (x2)
CHORUS REPEAT Kanmaniye, Kadhaliye, Enthan Uyirin Thozhiye.. (x2)

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