A Special Premiere Not to Be Missed - 1 Screening Only

Get ready to welcome HALLOWEEN with EN VEETTU THOTTATHIL (EVT - The Farm), a Tamil Slasher-Thriller which has raised bars internationally with its prestigious official selections and accolades. 

Made in Malaysia by one of the finest film-making teams, this Tamil film created outside of India, has been directed by Karthik Shamalan, who's no stranger to the Singapore Tamil Media Scene. His Creative inputs as an Associate Director in Vasantham's epic ANNAMALAI Drama and his stunning visuals as a Director of Photography in VETRI 2 and KSHATRIYAN speak volumes about his Creative prowess. 

EVT is Executive Produced by locally renowned Singaporean Writer-Director, S.S.Vikneshwaran who has been entertaining the masses here with his multi-talented capabilities & contents across Television and Social Media.

EVT the film is distributed in Singapore by Koki Selvam's and S.S.V's Cosmic Ultima Pictures. It's time to embrace Tamil movies made outside of India as well and this could be the first step. Of course, quality and Creative content are the utmost criteria for any movie that will be distributed.

The film contains just 30% dialogues and has a lot of scream-out-loud moments and nail-biting instances. 

The film's concept is loosely inspired by the folklore of Red Riding Hood but takes a very serious look at what's beyond fear. 

The plot follows a speech and hearing impaired woman, Sujitah, who is kept captive, without a clue, by a ruthless 'WOLF'. The Police are trying to save her and a cat and mouse game ensues, keeping all audience at the edge of their seats.

This Friday, 22nd September 9pm at Shaw Towers, Tickets are at $15 each. Limited seats left. Tickets are running fast.  Go to http://carnivalcinemas.sg to book now.

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