6 Indians make it to the Top 10 for Miss Singapore World

1. Laanya Asogan
Age: 21  Occupation: Student / Freelance Performer

A motivated individual who taps on her passion to keep her on track and unbreakable.


2. Sharenya Devarajan
Age: 22 Occupation: Student

She loves photography, animals, and children. She would like to do her part in contributing to help the less fortunate bringing smiles and victory to everyone.


3. Jesvinder Kaur
Age: 23  Occupation: Student

She intends to further my research career in the Haematology department after having lost her best friend to a blood disorder. She also aims to increase awareness of eating disorders in Singapore as well as to promote a healthy body image.


4. Neevitra Niroshini Nixit
Occupation: Business development manager
Age: 24
"Everyday is an opportunity to experience something new and to make a difference in someone's life." She lives by this quote by Maya Angelou


5. Rika Vanisha
Occupation: Student
Age: 20
She loves children and want to do as much charity as she can for the kids. She has a passion for singing, make-up, fashion and loves to rap too.


6.Vijayashree Vijayandran
Occupation: Manager
Age: 28
She loves to give; be it family friends or community. Giving without any expectation and return is the true meaning to that. It feels good to give when people are in need or when you know they are.

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