A Tabla Summit in Singapore [16-18 Sept 2016]

The Temple of Fine Arts is proud to honour the sound of the Tabla and inspire the love of learning it, through Guru Smriti - a Tabla Summit from September 16-18 2016. Guru Smriti is a musical tribute to the late Tabla virtuoso Ustad Mohammad Hanif Khan Mirajkar. Hosted by TFA Singapore, the program encompasses a comprehensive three-day series of workshops and cultural offerings by students and teachers from TFA International and visiting international artists. Guru Smriti will culminate in an extravagant concert featuring a vibrant Kathak performance, a soulstirring Sarangi & Sitar confluence, and a Tabla duet by renowned maestro Ustad Rashid Mustafa Thirakwa and his son Shri Shariq Mustafa.

Ustad Mohammad Hanif Khan Mirajkar

Ustad Mohammad Hanif Khan Mirajkar was born in 1938 into a family of musicians. He is the son and disciple of the great Tabla proponent, the late Ustad Mehboob Khan Mirajkar. He has also learned Tabla from his elder brother, Late Ustad Abdul Khan Mirajkar. He has had the opportunity to learn under the maestro Ustad Jahangir Khan from Benares, under whose tutelage he learnt many rare Tabla compositions. Ustad Mohammad Hanif Khan is a recipient of numerous awards, the most recent being "Laya Vadya Ratna" by Temple Of Fine Arts International in 2002 in Malaysia, "Kala Shree" from "Sangeet Sadhana" in Pune in 2000, "Rajiu Gandhi Puraskar" in 1997 and "Gaurav Padak" from Pune Corporation in 1994. Ustad Mohammad Hanif Khan was trained in the Purab Gharana, but having extensive knowledge in all the Gharanas he has a unique teaching style evident among his students. His senior students, who come from all over India, include Dr. Rajendra Durkar and Nitin Kulkarni.

Shri Nawaz Mirajkar: Creative Director

Nawaz Mirajkar born in 1976 in Pune, India, and hails from a proud lineage of musicians. He began playing the Tabla from a very tender age, under the tutelage of his father Ustad Mohammad Hanif Khan Mirajkar. In 1988, Nawaz was awarded a scholarship by the Centre for Cultural Resources and Training, India, under the Cultural Talent Search Scholarship Scheme by the Government of India. He trained as a musician and a Tabla player and graduated with the Tabla Visharad Degree (First Class) in 1994 and later ‘Tabla Alankar’ both awarded by Akhil Bharathiya Ghandrva Maha Vidyalaya Mandal. He is also the recipient of the National Arts Council’s Young Artists’ Award in 2011. Shri Nawaz is the creative director of Guru Smriti.


The three-day programme includes workshops and performances by world-renowned Tabla greats, all with the aim of equipping Tabla students and enthusiasts with a deeper insight about the instrument, improving performance ability, and sharing the love for teaching music. TFA will be inviting Tabla maestro Ustad Rashid Mustafa Thirakwa to conduct two workshops, followed by a full Tabla solo performance. Ustad Rashid hails from a proud lineage of Tabla players, his uncle Ustad Ahmed Jan Thirakwa being one of the forefathers of contemporary Tabla.

The Project will be inaugurated with two workshops, both held at TFA Singapore. The first day (16th September) is for beginners and the second (17th September) for the intermediate & senior students. The beginners’ workshop will focus more on impressing upon the students the potential and scope of Tabla. It will revolve around showing the students different ways in which the Tabla can be played and widening their horizons to all things Tabla-related. The senior workshop will encompass more technical aspects of Tabla playing, with the purpose of enhancing the students’ aesthetical tonal qualities. A deeper understanding on the art of Tabla playing and accompaniment would be reached in this seniors’ session. The evening of the second day (17th September) will feature a series of performances by the students and teachers of Temple of Fine Arts International.


The third and last day (18th September) of this programme will encompass a performance by esteemed international musicians and dancers, and finally a Tabla duet by Ustad Rashid Mustafa Thirakwa and his son. The program will be commence with a vibrant Kathak performance and will be followed by an instrumental recital and concluded with the Tabla duet. A combination of performances like this in Singapore is very rare. It is a very concise yet comprehensive selection of performances that will portray Tabla in its dual roles, both as an accompanying and a solo instrument. In one sitting the students and music lovers alike will get enough exposure to be inspired and to develop their skills for years to come.

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