Rabbit Mac has Super Powers

SuPer  PoWeRS!?

In this day and age, everyone can have superpowers with the power of special effects. I could have the body of SuperMan or Hulk and make myself as mighty as I want. But here at TheGuru.Sg, we like to think just maybe Rabbit Mac has many superpowers we don't know about. After all, his stage name sounds like a superhero's and he indeed has one already- The power to produce great music. Let's dive into Rabbit Mac's Instagram and explore his superpowers! 


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Talk about ageing like fine wine! Rabbit Mac looks good even at age 80. The surprising thing? He could revert to his original age anytime he wants. Pretty sure he could look ten years old whenever he wanted too.


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Just like ANT-MAN, rabbit mac be as small as a rabbit or as big as buildings! Or both at the same time in this powerful photo that screams "larger than life". 


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True to his name, Rabbit Mac can transform into a rabbit at will! Yup, don't think it is an app filter (Editor's note: It is a filter) as Rabbit Mac looks adorable as a bunny rabbit in this Instagram post!


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