A Soothing Rendition Of The Melodious Hit – Yembuttu Irukkuthu Aasai Cover

Tell us about yourself.

I run my own events company called JigZaw Productions. As part of my job, I plan a lot of concerts and work with international Indian artistes.

When did your interest for music started?

I’ve always had interest for music ever since I was a child. However, I didn’t have the right platform to pursue my passion. I’m not a professionally trained singer. I used to sing during my free time. Besides that, I’m always exposed to songs through films and YouTube. Thus, music has been there in my life on a daily basis I would say. I’ve took part in a few singing competitions when I was in primary school.
Besides that, I’ve also performed at my relatives’ events as well. Apart from these, I didn’t take part in any National level singing competitions. Last year, I did my first major musical concert, D. Imman Live in Singapore 2017. After the completion of the concert, I had some free time, while working on my next plans. Around that period, I turned 30 as well. As a birthday gift for myself, I opened up a Facebook and Instagram account.

My social media platforms were named as Jeev Da Man. A couple of weeks after setting up my social media accounts, I uploaded my first vocals video. I received a very decent response from my friends and family members who watched it. Progressing from there, I submitted the same singing video for a Radio Masti Competition held last year. I was able to reach the final stage of the competition. I realised that substantial quality videos still have the potential to attract a fair amount of viewers.

Since I was from the events industry, I had contacts of people who could help me out with the video and audio aspects of a Music Video (MV). Thus, I thought of doing a proper MV to reach out to a wider scale of audience. I had the interest to collaborate with various people as well. I felt that it would be a good exposure for me to learn on the technical aspects of music and filming. I personally do not know Priya, the female lead of Yembuttu Irukkuthu Aasai cover.
I’ve only seen her performing a couple of times on TV. I happened to come across her Facebook profile and when I saw some of her singing videos, I thought that she was really good. I contacted her via Facebook and upon knowing the details, she agreed to be a part of the project. However, it took us some time before we finally met. In our first meeting, we sat together to discuss on the song selection before narrowing down on Yembuttu Irukkuthu Aasai.

One of the reasons why we chose that song was because I wanted to do something that was related to D. Imman as well. My first major concert was with the musical prodigy, D. Imman. Therefore, I felt that I should do a cover on one of his compositions. Besides that, I realised that musical covers are usually based on songs that are considered classic or in trend. However, the song that Priya and I chose belonged to none of those categories. It was a soothing melody that captivated many Indian audience.
Once the song was finalised, I approached one of my friends who had a home recording studio. Priya and I recorded for the song over at his place. Afterwards, my friend introduced me to one of his media friends who helped me out with the entire shoot. On the day of filming, there was only one camera and cinematographer present on set. I should say that the cinematographer did an impressive job in capturing the moments beautifully.

Besides him, there was a friend of mine helping out during the shoot and a makeup artist to do our makeup. The costumes used throughout the shoot was our own one. We rented a van for filming purpose and when we had to change our outfits, we did our wardrobe change inside the van. People of different races worked together in this video. My friend who helped me with the recording and mixing of the audio is a Malay, while the cinematographer is a Chinese.

At this point of time, I have to thank Priya as well for helping me create the content of the video. She always came up with innovative ideas to make the MV seem better. Without her inputs, I wouldn't have been able to do the concept creation alone.

Who are your musical inspirations?

I am an Ilaiyaraaja fan. I do listen to other music composers such as A.R Rahman and Anirudh as well. However, my all time favourite will always be the great music maestro Ilaiyaraaja.

What are your future plans?

I am currently working on a mashup track along with Priya once again. The mashup is going to include 10 different Tamil songs. The track is only going to be composed using vocals, harmonies and percussions. My second MV is going to be very different from my first one. It is a whole new genre I would say. I want to experiment on the various musical aspects and see what other content I could curate.

Hopefully, I could create more covers in the future and get the opportunity to collaborate with different people. I can’t play any instruments, so I would be glad if I could meet musicians who could play an instrument and whom I could collaborate with. I’ve not really seen any musical covers that includes the drums. My attempt on creating this mashup would be a unique idea I feel.
One of my friends is part of this project as well and he is playing the drums. We have already completed the recording of the track and post production work is ongoing now. I am hoping to release the MV by end August or early September. I am having thoughts on putting up a first look teaser on National Day since the video is done by people from different races and highlights the racial harmonious aspect of Singapore.

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