Are we Singapore Indians just all talk?

A few weeks ago, we decided to organise a dialogue session on community issues. This idea was borne out of a combination of frustration and passion, after attending numerous events, where we just acknowledge the presence of community issues but say nothing more about them. 

As a young Singaporean Indian, I have certain opinions on the following:
  • Our National Language
  • Integration of new citizens
  • Racial Identity
  • Thaipusam
  • Mainstream Media
  • Alcohol and domestic violence
  • Employment discrimination
  • Resurgence of Caste
The real problem is that I hardly have the opportunity or the people to have a healthy discussion on these issues. So, we have decided to create an opportunity to share our opinions on these issues in a healthy fashion.

To be honest, the response has not been great. When we decided to give this a go, we did not even have a target number in mind. We just wanted to have a fruitful discussion. What disappointed me was the negativity that we faced. There were few that questioned the purpose and the objective of this dialogue. A significant number were sick of talking, citing previous sessions they have been to, which resulted in little action. Then, there were the few who have taken the initiative to discourage this session by creating a fog of fear and likening this event to be an illegal activity.

It's 2 days to the event. Here are a few FAQs that may convince you to join us this Sunday, 20th August at the WildMarket.

How is this dialogue session different from others?

We cannot speak for other efforts. But, we can say this. This is an authentic ground-up initiative. A typical session will include distinguished speakers who will share their point of view and involve a Q&A. Such sessions usually do not have a real sharing of sorts and it's pretty much a one-way street. 

Our session has no GOH or distinguished speaker. Everyone's opinion is truly important. We are really committed to hearing different voices and experiences as Indians. 

What is the end goal?

Being the first of its kind, we do not know what our direction will be. We know that we will share our findings with the relevant bodies authorities who are best placed to effect change.

Why are you charging $20? Wouldn't that be a hindrance to people?

Firstly, every registered participant will receive $5 voucher to purchase food or drinks at the venue and we do have overheads.

Secondly, from my personal experience with free events, people do not seem to take them seriously. The no-show rate is much higher when it is a free gig.

Lastly, there is time and effort on our part. If politicians who are in public service can draw a healthy remuneration, surely, we deserve some as well.

Who should attend this session? Is this an anti-Government initiative?

Every Singaporean Indian should. This is a pro-Singapore effort and we would love to work hand in hand with the Government to resolve this community issues.

Why is Halimah Yacob's photo on the poster? Is she officiating the event?

Well, she probably has the time considering her recent resignations. Her photo, together with the other 6 represent issues that we want to discuss. She has made the headlines recently by declaring her allegiance of sorts to the Malay community, despite being of the Indian race, which begs the question of whether we can choose to reject our racial identity or exchange it in favour of another one? That is the reason she is on our poster. But, if she does read this post, we will welcome her presence, provided she registers before hand.

How do I Register?

Click Here to Register. We will not entertain walk-ins during the event. This is a private event. Registration closes at 9 am on 20th August 2017. If you are unable to register online, you can call in at 65 9185 2251 to register your admission.
PS: In the words of our Manick Baasha in Parliament, controversial socio-political issues in Singapore should be left to Singaporeans.

[Ed Note: The Manick Baasha metaphor is used to exemplify the cult hero status our Minister has and should not be misunderstood to exemplify a Mafia gangster nor Nagma's love interest.


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