Are SG Police Officers Weak? Are they an embarrassment?

A recent video that has been circulating on social media shows 3 men in uniform attempting to arrest a man. One officer was hurt and the other 2 struggled to get the man down and several members of the public helped the officers. 

A video that should be making rounds highlighting the members of the public for stepping forward instead of just watching and praising our officers for the dangers they face in uniform, instead, has targetted our men in blue.  

Several comments spotted on Facebook include the following:
"LMFAO! How embarrassing! Just Resign and get a desk job..Well done to the members of the public though."

" Police officers of this generation are just Glorified security guards.."

" I wonder how many police officers would it take to bring me down..."


More information revealed context to the reason behind the detainment of the individual. He was observed to be riding a motorcycle recklessly. He did not heed instructions to stop his vehicle and attempted to flee. Police officers caught up with him and he started to turn violent against the officers, causing hurt to three officers in the process.

The man was subsequently arrested for suspected drug-related offences, suspected drink-driving and Voluntarily Causing Grievous Hurt against public servants. The three officers have received medical treatment at Tan Tock Seng Hospital and one of them remains hospitalised due to head injuries while another is recovering from a broken thumb bone sustained during the arrest.

I am in no position to comment on the training the Singapore Police Force has its officers on. But I can say this with certainty; A police officer is an officer of the Law. He or She is not some gun slinger or let alone some martial arts exponent. Haven't we seen enough videos and articles about police brutality? Is that what we want to see in Singapore. I have heard many people comment on how embarrassing it was for our officers to be seen fleeing during the Little India riots. Let us not forget that it's precisely because of the compassion of those officers and the cautious approach of the Force, the death toll did not increase that night.

Just because a Police officer is trained in unarmed combat, he is not expected to unleash his moves at every opportunity. The officer is trained to defend himself and not to inflict harm on people. His primary purpose is to protect people, sometimes even from themselves. 

In certain first world countries, there is a trigger happy culture where they "shoot first and ask questions later". If this incident about the man resisting arrest had happened in another country, we both know the state the man would be in. In my experience, I have personally witnessed how certain plain clothes officers of certain departments can be,  when dealing with people.  Let's just say, friendly is not the first word that comes to my mind. 

However, by at large, I think the men in blue have earned a certain respect that we have for the uniform. There is a fine line between fear and respect and I am proud of where they stand. 

For those who cannot help but laugh at the policemen,  your lack of empathy is duly noted. You are the bacteria that is infecting this nation. I am not sure if we can cure you. Compassion is not something that can be bought or manufactured. The change has to come from within. Meanwhile, we present you with this armband, that you should wear with pride

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