Absolutely Zero Vivegam in Ajith's latest Movie

Firstly, I had zero expectations of this movie. I knew this was going to a mass commercial hit and had no problems with that. In fact, after VikramVedha, my appetite for quality Tamil movies was completely satisfied.

I was quite sure I was going to like it. The hype around the movie was getting to me as well. I even liked the Surviva song Plus, Ajith's recent movies have been more than just decent. Rex Cinema's screenshot sealed the deal for me. If all the screenings are going to be dedicated to one movie, I had to watch it.

Unfortunately, it was just not meant to be. The movie had absolutely zero intelligence or thought in it. It was not even the interval and I really wanted to leave the hall. To top it off, it gets worse in the second half.

There are certain scenes in this movie that take the cake. For example, during the climax scene between the face-off between Ajith and Vivek Oberoi, Kajal Agrawal suddenly breaks into motivational song. I almost choke. Maybe, if the character was not pregnant, she would have broken into some cheerleading moves.

Speaking of moves, Ajith decides to bare his body to show off his muscles, which really triggered an unpleasant memory in my mind from a certain scene from Padayappa. The only thing that was missing was Abbas going " What a Man..."

To be honest, I resorted to watching Netflix while waiting for the movie to end. The script was just so bad. The casting of Vivek Oberoi was a mistake. I would have gone with Arjun as the antagonist. Characters had no depth. This production clearly lacked vivegam.

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