A Novel Idea For Every Singaporean தமிழர்

Every year, we see a fair share of incidents that makes us Tamilians angry. This year is no different. We had NDP brochures and with the Presidential Elections due soon, it's going to be no less spectacular this year.

The irony is that most of us who go all crazy on social media when some atrocity against our Mother Tongue is committed probably do very little in keeping our language relevant. A significant number of us cease to use the language once we leave school. 

We may have an extremely vibrant Tamil Language Festival in April which had more than 50 different programs and events, but these events usually see the same group of people who are actively involved in the language. 

Last week, I received a moment of inspiration from the unlikeliest of sources, who decided to change his signature to the Tamil Language. He thought it was cool. For the first time in life, I actually was impressed with him. One aspect that many Tamil initiatives struggle with is to be trendy and cool.

This is something that all of us can do, effortlessly. You do not have to change your entire signature. Let it be something that comes naturally. In our modern life, it's easy to feel disconnected with our Mother Tongue and culture. When it is part of a signature,  everytime you sign, it reaffirms your connection with your Tamil language. If you are able to do it, leave a comment to show your intent of support for this measure.


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