A Concert On National Day: Ignorance or Disrespect

When I heard that The Tribute Concert 2017 by Ustad Rahat Fateh Ali Khan was to be held at Suntec City Convention Centre on 9th August 2017, something just did not sit easily with me. 

This event is organised by Global Citizen Forum,(GCF) an organisation founded by Dr Bhupendra Kumar Modi, an Indian born entrepreneur who became a Singapore citizen in 2012. 

(GCF together with Singapore Indian Chamber Of Commerce and Industry (SICCI), ASSOCHAM and other supporting associations in Singapore have planned a conclave of great Global significance in Singapore with a theme of “New India – Emerging Global Leader ” to be held between 9th – 15th August 2017. This conclave is being held to commemorate twin events of great significance – Singapore National day on August 9 and Independence Day of India on August 15.

Firstly,  there is no way that a Sufi concert, that too, a Rahat Fateh Ali Khan one has any remote link or connection with Singapore's independence. The fact that SICCI also is part of the organising team is disappointing. We may have turned a blind eye towards this if this was an event was organised by a foreign organisation.  

The fact that this event is organised by a new citizen lends weight to the popular opinion that new citizens are not patriotic about the Country and only acquired citizenship for economic reasons.

No true blue Singaporean would ever think about organising a public commercial event that clashes with our Nation's birthday party. Even for those who feel that the parade is a waste of tax payers money, the fact that one can organise an event on National Day shows a certain lack of respect, in my humble opinion.

To me, watching the National Day Parade with family and friends, singing the national anthem and reciting the pledge is a special moment for every Singaporean.

For those who may opine that I am over reacting and this is just another event that is organised on a day that is a public holiday, do you think the organisers would have dared to organise the same event on Deepavali? 

For those who feel that I may have misunderstood this matter, do feel free to comment. 

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