5 Movie Screenings Not to be Missed in the coming week

The Singapore South Asian Film Festival kicks off tomorrow. It is a week long affair, with acting workshops,  panel discussions, red carpet events, movie screenings and a gala closing. We highly recommend that you catch some of these movies. We guarantee that you will leave the halls with a new found respect and appreciation of Indian cinema. With over 30 films being screened, we decided to just recommend you 5. They all come with English subtitles, so bring your non-Indian friends as well.


1. Lathe Joshi - Marathi with English Subtitles

Director: Mangesh Joshi

Synopsis: Set in Pune, Maharashtra, Lathe Joshi tells the tale of a skilled lathe worker whose identity begins to slip away when his boss closes down his loss-making workshop. At home, Joshi is faced with a wife who is busy expanding her catering business, a son who runs an electronic repair shop and a mother who pledges to complete 500,000 chants using a mass-produced electronic mantra machine. Refusing to engage with a changing world of globalization and automated production, he passively watches on as artisans such as himself fade into history.

About Director: Mangesh Joshi entered the field of filmmaking after completing his engineering studies. He started with documentary and short films many of which have been screened at film festivals in India. His first work as a feature film screenwriter was selected for Writer’s Lab section of NFDC (National Film Development Corporation of India). NFDC has also produced his debut film He which was selected for Film Bazaar (International Co-Production Market in collaboration with NFDC).

Main Cast: Chittaranjan Giri, Aswini Giri, Om Bhutkar, Seva Chouhan

Screentime: 8 September 2017, 7.45pm , Projector


2. Withered Leaf- Sinhalese with English Subtitles

Director: Duminda Sanjeewa

About Director: Duminda Sanjeewa, is from Colombo, Sri Lanka. He has created several music videos and films and carries a deep interest in motion graphics. His film Withered Leaf has been screened at the 57th Asian Pacific Film Festival, Hangzhou, China, 16th Imagine India International Film Festival 2017, Madrid, Spain and 2016 Film Bazaar Recommends (FBR), India.

Synopsis: The film is based on the life of Kusumalatha, a typical village woman who lives in Sri Lanka. The story begins with her husband’s sudden death. A widow and single mother, Kusumalatha struggles to live her life without any support, her family had abandoned her for marrying a man from the lower caste. Kusumalatha has to deal with unwelcomed advances from the village men but continues to bravely face the harsh realities. Her life becomes more difficult, however, when the owners of the only well in the village refuse her access to it. The film shows her eventual breakdown when she is unable to provide for her son.
Main Cast: Chaminda Sampath Jayaweera, Manuranga Wijesekera, Thushari Wehella

Screentime: 7 September 2017, 6.30pm , Projector


3. Western Ghats - Tamil with English Subtitles

Director: Lenin Bharathi
About Director: Although Lenin’s father never succeeded in his endeavors to make a career in the film industry, Lenin was deeply inspired by his efforts and after completing his bachelor’s degree, started doing small roles in the industry. Later, he moved on to bigger projects and worked as the Co-Director for notable Tamil features Vennila Kabadi Kuzhu, Naan Mahaan Alla, and Azhagarsamiyin Kuthirai and also wrote the story for the commercially successful romantic drama Aadhalal Kadhal Seiveer. The Western Ghats is his first film as a director. 

Synopsis: Rangasamy is one of many “sons of the soil”. Part of a large community of laborers who live on the border of Kerala and Tamil Nadu, Rangasamy yearns to own a piece of land and make a living out of it, instead of toiling in the spice plantations of others for the rest of his life. After years of dedicated service to the local communist party, led by the passionate leader Chaako, Rangasamy is finally in a position to purchase his own land. However, owning land is only half the struggle for the poor like him. The film depicts Rangasamy’s endless journey to thrive and battle the corrupt and wealthy, the political party as well as the fatalities of globalization.

Producer Vijay Sethupathi speaks about the film and its music director Illayaraja.

Screentime: 3 September 2017, 7pm, Filmgardge LeisurePark Kallang


4.Bijuli Machine - Nepali with English Subtitles

Director: Navin Awal

About Director: Navin Awal started his career as an Assistant Video Editor in a small production company, Movie Station in 2007. He has thirteen short films to his credit including the critically valued short film 1 Percent. He started directing television commercials and documentaries in 2010, and in the year 2016 he wrote and directed his first feature film Bijuli Machine.

Synopsis: Bijuli Machine tells the story of two optimistic boys and their urge to resolve the everyday living problems faced by people in Nepal. The pair is driven by a sense of responsibility to make a difference to people’s lives and zealously explore possibilities in the field of science. The film shows the mechanisms of human curiosity and perseverance through this inspiring story.

Main Cast: Rajesh Hamal, Buddhi Tamang, Abhisekh Subedi, Reliza Shrestha

Screentime: 8 September 2017, 11am, Filmgarde LeisurePark Kallang


5. The Narrow Path - Malayalam with English Subtitles


Synopsis: Ottayaal Paatha or The Narrow Path is a film about a father and son who live together in a slum. The father, Vikraman, used to work as a cleaner but is now partially paralyzed and is restricted to his bed and wheel chair. His son, Akhil, is trained as a software engineer but has been unemployed for a long time. The film depicts the happenings of a single day when Akhil finally manages to find a job in another city, Bangalore and plans to shift there with his girlfriend, Nina. Vikraman is, however, unable to convey the news to his ailing father. Later in the day, Vikraman accuses Akhil of trying to kill him. This sets of a fight that gets out of hand and leads to unexpected events.

About the Directors: Satish Babusenan and Santosh Babusenan are brothers. They started their career as cinematographers and producers shooting music, corporate and short films. In 2015, they made their first feature Chaayam Poosiya Veedu (The Painted House). In 2016, they made their second feature film Ottayaal Paatha (The Narrow Path). Both films are jointly written, cinematographed and directed by the brothers. Satish has an M.Des degree from IIT Bombay and Santosh, has completed his Ph.D. in film studies.
Main Cast: K. Kaladharan,Sarath Sabha, Krishnapriya

Screening:  6 September 2017 , 7pm, Filmgarde LeisurePark Kallang


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