[Updated] Pradhana Vizha Comes Under Fire Yet Again

The Oscars for Singapore Tamil Television Awards comes under fire again. The Pradhana Vizha is Mediacorp Vasantham's biennial Awards show to honour the best of the best in the industry. This year's event will see awards given out in 27 categories, including the Lifetime Achievement Award.

For the first time, Pradhana Vizha will be held at the brand new state-of-the-art 1,500-seat theatre at the new Mediacorp campus.

A week ago, we highlighted Vasantham artiste Suresh Vanaz's outburst on Facebook on him not getting a nomination despite his hardwork. Recently, we were also alerted to another shoutout on Facebook on yet another missed nomination. 
It was Dr. Ravee Velu, a very well respected person in the industry who expressed his disappointment that Sashirekha Rountan, who played the haunting Sampoornam in Annamalai, was not nominated. Having watched a fair bit Annamalai, I cannot help but agree with Dr Ravee's opinion. The Sampoornam character was truly a terrifying one.

In my books, Sashirekha should have earned a nomination in either the Best Villain / Negative character or Best Supporting Actress category. For those who are wondering what the actual norminations are, here is a short glimpse.
[ We will publish a full feature on the nominations in a separate post]

Best Actor In A Negative Role
  • Dhivyah Raveen - Neeya
  • Mathialagan - Kshatriyan
  • Morganavel - Ennuyire
  • Rishi - Vettai 3
  • Soundrarajan - Ragasiyam

Best Supporting Actress
  • Indra Chandran - Annamalai 3
  • Kokila - Ragasiyam 2
  • Nithiya Rao - Annamalai 2
  • Shafinah Banu - Annamalai 1
  • Vikneswary Se - Vetri 2
When we did speak to Vasantham on the nomination process, they were happy to share with us that all nominations are submitted by the Production houses and  in some nominees, the numbers can exceed 20. The nominations are then judged by a panel of distinguished judges from Singapore and overseas and narrowed down to 5 per category. We were also informed that the scoring for all categories are audited by PriceWaterhouse Coopers. At this moment, we would like to thank Vasantham for their prompt response to our questions.

Whether the production house failed to nominate her [UPDATE: We have been informed that The Production House did nominate Sashirekha Rountan for the character of Sampoornam ]or she failed to make the cut in the judges' eye, its is still a blemish to any award ceremony when talent is not recognised. But this phenomena is definitely not unique to Singapore and Vasantham alone. Even the Oscars, arguably the most prestigious awards ceremony where media is concerned, faces controversy over several allegations.

With 4 artistes ( Karthikeyan Somasundram, Jaynesh Isuran, Vikneswary Se and Indra Chandran) nominated in 4 categories, the statistic unfortunately does lend weight to the word on the street that its the same people getting recognised each time. We have written in to Vasantham to get  more information and statistics to assert the integrity of the awards ceremony. Watch this space for more information.


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