Lyricist N. Muthukumar Passes Away at the age of 41

Na Muthukumar, 41, passed away in Chennai earlier today, 14 August 2016. He was suffering from jaundice for the past few days.

Popularly known as a poet and a lyricist in Indian cinema, not many people know that he had actually entered Tamil cinema with aspirations to direct. It was during his initial years working under the legend, Balu Mahendra, where he discovered his passion for Tamil Literature.

He won two national awards for the songs Ananda Yazhai Meetukiral in Thanga Meengal and Azhagu Azhagu in Saivam. He has worked in more than 1000 films as a lyricist. Let my share my personal favourite of N. Muthukumar

magalgalai petra appakkalukku mattumdhaan theriyum
 (Only the fathers who have daughters will know)
mutham, kaamathil serntha-dhillai endru 
(that Kissing is not Sex or is not related to Kama(Sex))

anandha yaazhai meetugiraai, adi 
( When you happily play the Veena(Veena is a musical intstrument) )
nenjil vannam theetugirai 
( You paint lovely colors in my heart )
anbenum kudai-yai neettugirai
 ( You share an umbrella made of love )
adhil aayiram mazhaithuli koottugirai
 ( And you collect thousands of rain drops under it )

iru nenjam inaindhu pesida ulagil,  baashaigal edhuvum thaevai illai
 ( Language is not at all necessary when both our hearts share the same thoughts )
siru pullil urangum paniyil theriyum,  malaiyin azhago thaanga villai  
( Beauty of dew drops on leaves is so big as a mountain )

unthan kaigal pidithu pogum vazhi,  adhu podhavillai innum vendum-adi 
(The path lead by you holding my tiny finger will never end)
indha mannil idhu pol yaarumingey,  engum vaazhavillai endru thondruthadi 
(I feel as if no one else on Earth would be living like us)

thoorathu marangal paarkkuthadi 
(The trees look at you)
devathai ivalaa kaetkkuthadi  
(and think that you are an Angel)
thannilai maranthey pookkuthadi  
(Flowers blossom at your sight)
kaatrinil vaasam thookkuthadi  
(And its fragrance fills this air )
adi koyil etharkku deivangal etharkku  
(Why do I need temples or God)
unathu punnagai pothumadi  
(When you smile so beautifully)

unmugam paarthaal thonuthadi 
(The moon in the sky looks small)
vaanathu nilavu sinnathadi  
(When compared to your smiling face)
megathil maraindhey paakkuthadi  
(Moon is hiding its face behind the clouds)
unnidam velichcham ketkuthadi  
(and asks you for some brightness)
athai kaiyil pidithu aaruthal uraithu  
(So hold it(the moon) in your Hand and offer consolation)
veetukku anuppu nallapadi  
(and send it back home)

[ Translation credit: amruthavarshi]


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