Theatre Forum For Tamil Theatre

It's the inaugural annual Tamil Theatre forum that would be held this 3rd August, Saturday. Brought to you by AGAM Theatre Lab in collaboration with ITI - Intercultural Theatre Institute, the forum will be held at Intercultural Theatre Institute White house, from 10 AM - 1 PM. 
The forum offers a platform for open dialogues between Tamil and Intercultural Theatre makers. The intention is to have a deep discourse to improve collaboration and creative expression. 

Moderated by Mr Karthikeyan Somasundram

We warmly welcome you to attend this discussion to contribute to the Indian Arts scene in Singapore.
Register for your free tickets at or RSVP at or send a text message to 81896740 with your name to confirm your attendance. Looking forward to seeing you there. Let's talk theatre!

All credits go to AGAM Theatre Lab


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