RedDot Bhangra Competition 2019 Review!

RedDot Bhangra Competition 2019 was met with much fanfare and boy did it deliver. Five fantastic (not Fantastic four, this is better) Bhangra dance crew from around the world competing at #RDBC2019 to determine the best Bhangra group of 2019. The competition was fierce, but there can only be one champion. 
I have never seen such a spectacular bhangra performance and everyone in attendance was entertained and left wanting for more. Perfect dance routines and teamwork shone through as the teams used various dance props to accompany impeccable choreography. With such tight competition, any of the bhangra teams could have won the whole thing. The judges had a hard time picking a champion, but they did an excellent job judging nonetheless.
Funjabi Bhangra from Hong Kong came out tops to win the whole event, with a close second and third place given to Joshiley Bhangra Singapore and SherePunjab Bhangra respectively. It was a strong showing by Colorado Bhangra Team and Yaar Panj-aab Phangra Team as well, and we hope to see them next year for #RDBC 2020. Of course let's not forget the supporting acts- NUS Naach, S.D.S. (Singapore Dhol Squad) and Bhangra Loverz who put on a fabulous show to the delight of the audience. 

TheGuru.SG gets a backstage interview with the Organizers, Colorado Bhangra Team and of course the winners, Funjabi Bhangra! So read on to find out what they have to say…


Daston: Were there any difficulties faced with organising such a big competition?

RedDot Bhangra: Finding sponsors and driving sales is one of the many difficulties faced for RDBC 2019, but we are glad we made it.

Daston: What are RedDot Bhangra’s Plans for the future?

RedDot Bhangra: We considered having a biennial event, rather than yearly, but that would mean a loss of momentum making it harder to get people excited. We will continue to do RedDot Bhangra Competition as long as there is a demand and the finances can keep up with it. We have done many outreach events and we hope to become a mainstay in Asia/World. Attracting more talents from North America, the UK, Australia and the SEA region is also a priority. 


Daston: The performance by Colorado Bhangra Team is truly amazing, what keeps you motivated and energised considering you have to deal with jet lag coming from the states?

CBT: We maintain high energy and “Chardi Kala” to remain positive, so we can push through anything. 

Daston: How long has the team been around? And can we expect to see the team next year for RDBC 2020?

CBT: We have been around for about 6 years. As Bhangra is not as well known in the US, we hope to spread more positive values about authentic Bhangra. We will come back “hard” next year, so do look out for us. 


Daston: Wow! The champions of RDBC 2019! How does it feel to have all your hard work finally paid off?

Funjabi Bhangra: Really great to have all the hard work paid off. Happy to win it with the team, good teamwork! The championship is the cherry on top of the cake. 

Daston: The best feeling in the World is definitely to win with teammates! Tell me how preparation was like up to the competition?

Funjabi Bhangra: First, we had to find members and a DJ. There is a lot of practice and it has to be in sync with the teammates. It was tough, but teamwork was good. 

Daston: Can we expect Funjabi Bhangra next year for RDBC 2020?
Funjabi Bhangra: We are coming back most definitely!

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Catch up with RedDot Bhangra on their facebook here for the latest and greatest Bhangra teams coming to Singapore! 

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