5 Reasons To Watch Sangae Muzhangu 2019


And it’s back with a bang! This year’s Sangae Muzhangu, NUS Tamil Language Society’s biennial Tamil drama production, promises grand sets, spectacular song and dance and a moving, pertinent storyline amidst other things in our long list of attractions! So here’s why you shouldn’t miss out on this spectacle this year!

Commemoration of Singapore’s Bicentennial

This year’s Sangae Muzhangu is set against the backdrop of Singapore’s bicentennial anniversary. 200 years of rich history and heritage, and along with it, our island nation’s tumultuous journey through its numerous ups and downs. 

Grandeur and Magnificence

Renowned for its huge sets and larger-than-life props, Sangae Muzhangu 2019 is no different in that aspect but we always aim to surpass our previous accomplishments. This year’s sets include anything and everything you can find in a typical fishing village. So you can expect to be transported back in time to the nostalgic days of the Singapore “kampong”.

Song, Dance and Color

All this, complemented by beautiful costumes that add life to our story and setting. And what is any Indian production without song and dance? Covering genres ranging from traditional village folk to urban hip-hop, our dancers and dance items will definitely entertain a wide range of audiences and present a worthy treat for our audience!


Set in an obscure fishing village, the story explores the conflicting ideologies of two powerful protagonists on how the village should be run. Our story will be focusing on two very important themes – heritage and progress, with one seemingly impossible to achieve without having to sacrifice the other. And of course, how all this affects the ordinary villager in this quaint little town.


150 – that’s how many people we have working both behind and in front of the scenes, to bring you the best theatre experience that we can deliver.
1 year – and that’s how long we’ve been working for.
These numbers bear testimony to not only the immense amount of effort that has gone into this production but also to its quality. 

It is no magic that Sangae Muzhangu has attained the Platinum Award – the highest award in the Arts & Culture Category at NUS Student Achievement Awards 2018, and numerous other awards, compliments and praise for its effort in bringing Tamil theatre to the next level. And we hope you will support us in our endeavour as well. Tickets are selling fast! So grab yours soon to avoid missing, perhaps the largest local Tamil theatre production in Singapore!

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All Credits got to NUSTLS

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